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ScreenBar Monitor Schreibtischlampe

  • Manuell und automatisch dimmbar

  • Einfache Befestigung mit Klemmfuß am Monitorgehäuse

  • Keine Reflexionen auf dem Bildschirm

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"It took some time for me to find a suitable light, and a fair amount of messing around with clamp positions and angles until I had what I wanted. Now BenQ has created a product that achieves the same result in a really neat fashion: the ScreenBar. Color temperature cycles is my favorite feature. I tend to use a warmer color in the evening, and a cooler one in the day. "

- EU Editor of 9to5Mac / Ben Lovejoy

Roberto Jorge
“On my daily basic, I usually sit at the office more than 10 hours a day and have this kind of terrible light conditions. After trying the Screenbar light, I was pretty amazed by the product. The Screenbar light not only help you save a lot of space and make your desk a lot of cleaner but it also has very nice and diffused light, moreover, it also has an auto dimming feature, which means that overnight it will lower its intensity and it also has an temperature control to adjust color.”

- Filmmaking YouTuber / Ignace Aleya

Ignace Aleya
“The BenQ ScreenBar surpassed all my expectations regarding the lighting of my desk. First of all was very easy to set it up. It stays securely on the top of my display in an elegant way and the best is that lights on my desk. Although I don’t use it by its own, it’s more than capable. For someone like me that besides passing a lot of hours in front of a computer also reads, than the ScreenBar is a great investment. Believe me that it’s not just a lamp, it’s much more and brings a lot of comfort to our eyes. I’m sure that it will also surpass anyone’s expectations.”

- Graphics Design YouTuber / Roberto Jorge

Roberto Jorge