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Ultimate Productivity for Everyone
  • With the right help, even work can be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Designed with ergonomic features to boost your work comfort and productivity, the BL2420Z is the winning choice for any workstation.
Special Promotion
    BL2420Z Ultimate Productivity for Everyone
    • With the right help, even work can be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Designed with ergonomic features to boost your work comfort and productivity, the BL2420Z is the winning choice for any workstation.
    Special Promotion
      Enterprise-Class Image Quality and Ergonomic Options for Office Comfort

      Featuring the utmost image performance of a true 8-bit premium VA LED panel, BL2420Z delivers 23.8” high-resolution corporate display capability with outstanding contrast, crisp clarity, and breathtaking color performance. Progressive ergonomics and eye-care enhance user productivity, and eco-conscious energy efficiency encourages corporate citizenship with reduced TCO, making BL2420Z a benchmark display for enterprises.

      Outstanding Picture Performance to Enhance Productivity Pristine Screen Clarity

      With generous 23.8” screen size and Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, BL2420Z enables proficient multitasking and desktop organization with micro-precise text readability and beautiful color rendition to provide business-ready screen quality and real estate for peak productivity.

      Premium VA Panel Crystal Structure

      With rapidly changing pixels through the backlight for constant image, LCD displays can cause small fluctuations in brightness, called flicker, which is the main cause for eye strain and visual fatigue. BenQ’s Flicker-Free technology is meticulously designed to remove LED backlight flickering and provides a zero-flicker viewing experience. This effectively reduces CVS-related eye problems and alleviates discomfort caused by looking at the screen all day.

      Conventional Panel VA Panel
      Conventional Panel
      VA Panel
      Stratospheric High Contrast Ratio

      Generating ultra-high native contrast ratio of 3,000:1 to surpass conventional panels by a factor of 5X, BL2420Z produces striking color depth and exquisitely fine definition in dark, complex images. This unmatched native contrast empowers infinitely high dynamic contrast for astonishing subtlety in details and vibrantly impactful colors.

      Progressive Humanistic Ergonomics First-Class Eye Care

      Though undetectable by users, conventional LCD screens flicker 200 times per second, chronically straining the eyes during extended usage. BenQ proprietary Flicker-Free Mode eradicates backlight flickering at all brightness levels to effectively reduce eye fatigue.

      All monitors produce short-wavelength blue light that can potentially cause eye strain, headaches, and sleeping disorders. BenQ’s unique Low Blue Light Mode mitigates the health effects of blue light exposure by restraining blue color output via simple OSD hot key selection. (Multimedia – 30% reduction, Web-surfing – 50% reduction, Office – 60% reduction, Reading – 70% reduction)

      Progressive Humanistic Ergonomics First-Class Eye Care

      Further improving viewing comfort, the Eye Protector Sensor detects ambient light levels to optimize monitor brightness throughout the workday.BL2420Z also features advanced Anti-Glare Treatment with a matte finish to minimize distracting reflections and glare. Comprising these four complementary technologies working together, the BenQ Eye-Care Solution creates a more comfortable environment to maximize productivity and efficiency during extended work sessions

      Sustainable ECO Efficiency

      BenQ BL2420Z delivers utmost ECO efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership and promote ecologically responsible corporate citizenship.

      Hard AC Power Cutoff Switch

      BL2420Z includes a hard AC power switch to cut energy consumption to zero when not in use, eliminating any standby power draw.

      Cost-Conserving ECO Mode

      ECO Mode reduces over 37% of the power consumed when viewing documents, Internet browsing, and emailing; and up to 44% of the power consumed by video playback.

      Environment-Friendly ECO Sensor

      ECO Sensor is automatically triggered when the user steps away and normal operation resumes when the user returns. ECO Sensor saves electricity costs, reduces energy waste and CO2 emissions while maintaining optimal performance and user convenience.

      Green Certification Assurance

      BL2420Z’s Energy Star, TCO, and EPEAT certifications ensure an environmentally conscious, sustainability-driven choice.

      *ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency

      *TCO Certified is an international third-party sustainability certification for IT products. By choosing TCO Certified computers, displays and other devices, businesses and organizations around the world are able to help meet environmental and social challenges associated with electronics.

      *EPEAT is an easy-to-use resource for identifying high-performance, environmentally preferable products. Businesses, schools, hotels, hospitals and governments around the world trust EPEAT to help them make informed purchasing decisions, show progress toward sustainability goals, and build their environmental reputation.