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Qianli Zhang

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Qianli Zhang / China

Qianli Zhang- A Street and Travel photographer. Base in Shanghai and Toronto. Qianli is hosting a video channel named Beyond the photo, which has 3 millions of followers all over the world.

Qianli as a signatory photographer, shooting for Getty Images, National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Qianli has been recognized as Gitzo global ambassador. He is also shot for Hasselblad and Sony. A professional color management member of Datacolor, and community member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).


Qianli published two books:

2011 The Guide for Travel Photographer

2014 The Guide for Travel Photographer II: The Experience for Actual Combat

2020 The new book is coming so.


In 2005 National Geographic Magazine honored Qianli Zhang by first prize of Yearly Travel Photography Contest and invited to visit the headquarter in Washington DC. He also won the First Prize in 2011 Global Travel Photography Contest by Photographic Travel Magazine. In addition, the Trierenberg Super Circuit granted him a gold award in 2006.

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