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ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panels
Integrated into our display solutions is BenQ’s exclusive HealthCare+ technology with intelligent environmental monitoring and a germ resistant coating to help make interactive classrooms safer.
Ensure Only Learning is Contagious

Included with the RP Series is an antibacterial touch screen coating. Ensuring the display is safe for multiple users to interact with, thanks to a specially engineered silver nanoparticle coating which reduces the spread of bacteria via the display. The touch screen display is certified with a TUV Test and SIAA Report and retains microbial efficiency through extended use and maintenance.

The benq interactive flat panel display with air quality sensor on screen.
The benq interactive flat panel display with air quality sensor on screen.
Take a Deep Breath

Included with the RP series is an Air Quality Sensor that intelligently monitors the air quality of the environment and provides real-time data on key environmental parameters by detecting temperature, humidity and monitoring PM 2.5 and CO2 concentration levels.

Take a look at our Smart Eye Care Technology

The education IFP and monitor ranges ensure classrooms can embrace collaboration without compromising student health by providing Smart Eye-Care technology. The Smart Eye-Care solution from BenQ combines Anti-Glare, Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies for optimum eye comfort. As well as embedded motion sensors to detects the movement of users in close proximity to the screen to automatically adjust display settings, activating its Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Features.

The benq interactive flat panel display with air quality sensor on screen.
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