BenQ Software Solutions

BenQ Interactive Displays are compatible with a wide variety of educational software allowing teachers to work with their preferred software tools while enjoying the ultimate hardware experience.

EZ Write

EZWrite allows students and teachers to actively interact, make notes, draw and more in class. EZWrite is an interactive whiteboard software, with dynamic cooperation and annotation tools, not only enables students and teachers to take colorful notes across multiple media file types, but also instantly enhances class activities.

Account Management (AMS)

Instantly access your own files with your own account accessible from any BenQ interactive display. Use the NFC reader to simply tap your card to load up your account with your files and personalised settings.

AMS makes it easier for IT teams to manage multiple teacher accounts.

Device Management (DMS)

Remotely control your displays with DMS Cloud via Internet. Install Android™ apps for a selection of displays through our cloud server.

Dashboard allows you to easily monitor, analyze the daily operation data of your devices and make adjustments and decisions accordingly optimize your business performance.


X-Sign Designer allows you to design content for your digital signage screens including way finding, school canteen menus and more.

X-Sign Broadcast allows you to send instant messages and alerts to screens throughout your school campus. Ideal for fire alarms, lockdown alerts or even school trip reminders.

Join our workshops onboard the BenQ Bus

On the day of your visit, we will be running a series of interactive workshops on the BenQ Bus, covering topics such as cloud services, tools for teaching and software solutions from the Bus. These are between 45 minutes and 1 hour duration and are designed for IT managers and IT teams to delve deeper into the details, or teachers to discover the latest tips and tricks to streamline the teaching process with our range of BenQ education technology.

Hybrid Education Systems: Next Level Learning with Cloud Services

By: Chris Mellowship

For: IT and Systems Staff

Duration: 45 minutes


In this two-part workshop, discover more about how BenQ cloud software can help you. Firstly, find out more about how to manage, repair and update your devices simultaneously from a remote location with our Device Management System (DMS). Secondly, explore how our Account Management System (AMS) allows staff to access personal files and resources directly from any Interactive Flat Panel. This workshop will cover how to: 

  • Deliver PC-less teaching with AMS
  • Enhance classroom collaboration with cloud access
  • Manage, troubleshoot and fix devices remotely with DMS 
  • Update device software and systems remotely with DMS

Signage of the Times: Keeping Content Fresh with X-Sign

By: Chris Mellowship

For: IT and Systems Staff, Administrators

Duration: 1 hour


Learn how BenQ’s X-Sign program can take your digital signage to the next level by testing out our user-friendly and easy-to-use software. Create your own content and send messages, alerts and media to every screen simultaneously. This workshop will cover how to: 

  • Create engaging content for multiple purposes including menu boards and wayfinding

  • Use and edit design templates 

  • Broadcast media to multiple screens from one device
  • Use our Device Management System (DMS) software 



Hybrid Education Resources: The Future of Collaborative Teaching and Learning

By: Ben Whittaker

For: Educators, IT and Systems Staff

Duration: 45 minutes


Discover how BenQ’s tools for education can help enhance classroom collaboration and interactivity with cloud services, remote access to lessons, real-time class annotation from personal devices and lesson recording. Explore our OAK National Academy resources with over 10,000 videos, slides, and worksheets available to support lesson planning and learning. This workshop will cover how to: 

  • Use the range of EZWrite softwares, including EZWrite 6 and EZWrite Live
  • Enhance in-class collaboration and interactivity
  • Support remote learners
  • Get the most out of OAK National Academy resources



Meet your Trainers
Chris Mellowship

Chris is our Technical Sales Manager at BenQ. He works with all of our education partners to deliver training on how to effectively adopt new technology into institutions’ digital ecosystems.

With a background in product management, Chris’ inimitable understanding of delivering effective training and support to educators means that technology is adopted successfully and our partners leave his sessions with a full and well-rounded understanding of how to effectively use our hardware, software, and services.

Ben Whittaker

Ben is our Education Technology Consultant. He works with educators and decision-makers to share BenQ’s latest collaboration hardware and software solutions for the classroom and feed their user experience requirements back into future BenQ product development.

Ben began his career as a teacher in 2007 and subsequently became Assistant Principal to the Head of Sixth Form. Throughout his 10 years of teaching, Ben has seen the advancement of online resources and the changing role of educators and classroom teaching, later becoming a certified Google for Education Trainer. Before joining BenQ, Ben was Curriculum Manager and Digital Transformation Lead at Burnley College for Apprenticeships, Adult Education, and Business Specific Courses.

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