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Discover our world-renowned educational technology solutions, which include interactive flat panel displays, projectors and collaboration devices. Experienced in technology solutions specifically created for primary schools, secondary schools and HE institutions, BenQ’s technology is being used to increase in-class engagement, as well as creating synergy between products and across different locations. In addition, BenQ offers a range of exclusive software programmes to help with lesson plans, provide access to cloud-based services and interoperability between different operating systems. IT managers are also able to connect and manage all the technology from one central location using BenQ’s DMS system.

Interactive Flat Panels
Lessons that engage, spark collaboration and inspire.

Specifically designed for Education, BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) allow teachers to annotate lesson slides, connect with students’ personal devices for instant collaboration, upload and download documents to the cloud and stream lesson content, all from one front of the room device. With an exceptionally user-friendly interface, BenQ’s IFP range take the complication out of educational devices and engage teachers and students of all ages.

RP Series

Create hassle-free collaborative learning environments with our premium RP Series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs), with the added reassurance of monitoring a healthy environment. Teachers can easily access their personalised workspaces from any display. Using NFC and staff ID cards login occurs automatically when presented against the screen sensor. Handwriting Recognition using Fine IR Plus ensures that text is legible no matter who is using the board and built in EZ Write 5 software allows for real-time collaboration from any device, with cloud storage.

The RP Series incorporates BenQ’s HealthCare+ technology for education. Sensors intelligently monitor the air quality of the environment, alerting the teacher to any important changes in the classroom. A Germ-Resistant Screen instantly kill germs on the screen surface and eyes are protected with the Smart Eye-Care solution. Incorporating our Device Management Solution (DMS), control service updates and device management across single or multiple displays can be made from a remote location via a local network or the cloud.

RM Series
RE Series

The RM Series combines resilient hardware with intelligent software and are reshaping the future of learning.

Experience smooth real-time collaboration, instant access to the Cloud and promote a healthy learning environment.

BenQ unveiled as hardware partner to UK government initiative Oak National Academy

BenQ has partnered with Oak National Academy, an organisation providing free online classroom resources in the UK, to make their portfolio of over 10,000 videos, lesson slides and pupil worksheets available across its series of Interactive Flat Panels for learning environments.

Digital Signage

Wayfinding, digital menu and information boards are vital for rapid messaging in academic spaces, improving communication and efficiency across the campus. BenQ offers a digital signage portfolio to cater for educational facilities of all shapes and sizes. Options for built-in Android media players, combined with BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign and DMS software, provide the perfect solution for quick content creation and distribution. Essential information can be instantly shared or scheduled across all devices using our X-Sign Broadcast software, an easy-to-use content creation and communication programme.


Ideal for small classroom or auditorium, BenQ’s education projectors bring the curriculum to life. Uncompromised visual quality provides an incredible viewing experience no matter where in the room a student is and multiple display modes mean every type of content is perfectly contrasted and readable.
With the options for built-in speakers, short or long-throw projection lens, DLP technology and device management systems (DMS) makes BenQ’s industry leading education projectors the perfect solution for classroom technology.

Success Stories

See how schools have adopted BenQ technologies and how it has integrated into it's existing technology infrastructure.

Woodmansterne School puts interactivity at the heart of learning

A brand new, state-of-the-art secondary school implements a unified, easy-to-use interactive teaching solution

RP Series and InstaShow future-proof City of London School for Boys

The City of London School for boys modernised its classroom technology ensuring the school remains equipped for years to come.

RE Series transforms teaching and learning at Burnley College

Burnley College transformed its Sixth Form Centre with BenQ RE Series Interactive Flat Panels.

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Discover how our latest edtech solutions could transform the way you teach, enriching the learning experience for your students. Onboard, we have our range of classroom Interactive Touchscreen Displays, our Digital Signage solutions for use across school campuses, our range of computer monitors and our wireless presentation device, the InstaShow™.

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