Interactive Displays for Education

BenQ’s range of 4K UHD interactive touchscreen whiteboard displays are completely optimised for education. The friendliest user interface along with classroom-ready solutions to support schools, colleges and universities by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into their classrooms.

RP Series

65” 75” 86”

4K UHD display

Germ-resistant screen

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers + 15W subwoofer

Air quality sensors + NFC reader

Microphone array

RM Series

55” 65” 75” 86”


Germ-resistant screen + pen*

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers



RE Series

65” 75”


Germ-resistant screen

±2 mm touch accuracy

2 × 15W speakers



*model number dependent

Interactive Learning

Engaged minds learn better. Adding interactivity to lessons can boost understanding and improve learning retention. Help students develop essential skills for the future by enabling them to actively participate in class.

More than just a whiteboard

EZWrite allows students to annotate, discuss, and participate from their seats. It also lets you save class sessions to continue at a later time.

Untethered sharing

Empower students to wirelessly present their ideas in class. Using InstaShare 2, many students can simultaneously cast their screens from their devices onto the interactive display.

Tap & Teach

Save time by securely accessing your lesson materials with a simple tap on your BenQ display. Use an NFC card to access your cloud storage and load your personal settings.
*Available on the Pro series.

One board, many apps

Run two apps side by side and make lessons more efficient and interesting. Have a whiteboard on one side and supporting content on the other with the DuoWindows feature.

Engaged Hybrid Learning

Teach and learn without physical boundaries. Invest in technology that enables distance, hybrid, and active learning. Offer students a dynamic learning environment while providing educators versatile resources for teaching.

Teach anywhere

Have students learn from home or invite a guest speaker to join remotely. Our interactive displays are compatible with your existing video conferencing software.


All hands on board

Enjoy enhanced interactivity in any distance learning environment. EZWrite allows students to work together in real time on the same whiteboard from different locations.


Streamline class management

With EZWrite’s Google Classroom integration, you can easily import lesson materials and invite students to a class. You can also use Canvas or other LMS solutions.


Encourage participation

Transform your classroom with engaging learning tools. Use sticky notes or run game-based learning platforms like Kahoot!, Socrative, and more on our displays. 

Protect Student Health

Create a healthy learning space for students and educators to actively engage and work together. BenQ’s ClassroomCare® equips interactive displays with the protection necessary to foster education.

Protection against germs

Reduce disease transmission in the classroom with germ-resistant screens and stylus. BenQ interactive displays have touchscreens coated with a nano-ionic silver formula that kills most common germs after contact.

*Only available on selected models

A breath of fresh air

Poor indoor air quality negatively affects student health and performance. BenQ’s built-in air quality sensors allow you to monitor CO2 and PM2.5 levels in the classroom to help you regulate air flow accordingly and provide a healthy learning environment.

*Available on the Pro series

RM7503 Education Interactive Display with enhanced eye comfort
Enhanced eye comfort

BenQ displays come with low blue light and flicker-free technology for reduced eye strain and a comfortable viewing experience. Anti-glare screens additionally ensure that display content is seen clearly, even on hybrid and remote calls.



Low Blue Light

Low Blue Light



TUV Certified


Introducing our new RM03 Series

Interactive Displays for Education with the latest ClassroomCare technology

Are you ready to transform your classroom with BenQ?

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