BenQ RP Series and InstaShow future-proof City of London School for Boys

  • BenQ
  • 2020-09-16
BenQ RP Series and InstaShow future-proof City of London School for Boys

The City of London School for Boys wanted to update its school to the latest display technology.


Based on the features they were looking for, BenQ checked all the boxes and, apart from IFP, was also able to deliver wireless presentation systems.


After the initial installation of 47 RP8601K in 2019, the response from both teachers and students was overwhelming and a further purchase of 22 units was completed in 2020.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP8601K 4K UHD 86” Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays
  • BenQ InstaShow WDC10






City of London School future-proofs its classrooms with BenQ technology


Wanting to modernise and future-proof its classroom technology, City of London School for Boys upgraded its desktop computers to Office 365 laptops. Wanting to maximise the use of its new IT infrastructure, the school required new display technology and presentation tools to replace its costly 10-year-old projectors, pull down screens and visualisers.


After conducting product trials with staff, there were four deciding factors: large image size, a teacher centric remote control, a robust interface and an integrated sound bar. Having all four features, as well as being platform agnostic for use with Office 365, the 86” BenQ RP Series was selected. In addition, the BenQ InstaShow WDC10 wireless presentation system was chosen for the City of London School for Boys meeting rooms.

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To facilitate a smooth transition to the new hardware, three displays were initially installed over the 2019 Easter holidays. This gave the faculty access to interact with the new hardware at their own pace before the full installation in the eight-week summer holiday. 47 RP8601K’s were then installed throughout its classrooms, staff room and meeting spaces.

BenQ’s technical support team provided teachers with extensive training on the new displays, allowing them to quickly and confidently incorporate the displays into their lessons. The teachers now use them on a daily basis, having become ‘super users’. Instantly the teaching staff noticed the 4K screen clarity, even in daylight. Teachers no longer have to teach in darkness to present, which often lowered student morale and focus. The BenQ RP Series integrated seamlessly into the new IT network, enabling teachers to immediately connect their own devices and mirror content on screen.

A key factor why City of London School for Boys selected BenQ was the inclusion of BenQ’s teacher centric remote, featuring freeze, blank and voice control. This has given teachers the freedom to move around the class while still using the display.

Four sets of the BenQ InstaShow WDC10 wireless presentation system were installed into the meeting room spaces, enabling teachers and external visitors to wirelessly present from their laptops directly onto the screen. The WDC10 also has its own built-in WiFi and high level of security, therefore external devices can connect directly to the device rather than the school’s network.

Due to the positive response from teachers and students, City of London School for Boys installed a further 22 displays into its campus in 2020.

As the ICT at City of London School for Boys advances, the school can utilise BenQ’s features in order to maintain and control the displays from a central location, create content and push through to all displays, and access and save documents to the cloud - ensuring the school remains future-proofed for years to come.