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The pitfalls of traditional online teaching

Distance learning has been embraced significantly over the last 12 months, although, online teaching requires an adapted approach for student and teachers. Common difficulties include:

Lack of meaningful interactivity

Without active participation students may loose concentration or encounter environmental distractions.

Inability to utilise familiar teaching tools

Without the ability to traditionally demonstrate or physically interact with objects, classes become theory based activities with one-way communication.

Cannot accommodate different learning levels

Not all online learning can facilitate bi-directional communication or real-time understanding.

Navigating an unfriendly user experience

Embracing new technology platforms can be a big challenge for teachers who are familiar with offline techniques.

Access & Authority

Student and teacher access across operating systems and devices can present compatibility issues.

Distance Learning Essentials
web based

Installation Free

100% collaboration

Whiteboard, File Share & Video Conference

cross platform

Windows, Mac, iOS & Android Supported

What can EZWrite Live offer?
Online Tool

Access EZWrite Live from any device through Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

Two-way Interaction

Real-time annotation enables teachers and students to interact simultaneously.

Consistency & Revision

Revisit material with one-tap lesson recording functionality.

Collaboration Control

Easily manage student interaction with broadcast and co-creation modes.

Active Participants

Create an in-classroom experience with student participation.

Onboard Teaching Tools

Built-in templates to aid visual learning.

Effortless distance learning in 3 quick steps
For teachers, click Create room to start an online classroom.
Teachers generate Room ID or QR code and share it with the participants.
Participants either scan the QR code or directly enter the Room ID and Name on the EZWrite Live webpage.