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Commercial, Fashion, Celebrity Photographer / Netherlands

Frank Doorhof grew up in a family of enthusiastic amateur photo- and videographers. He started teaching photography at a very young age. The motto of his teaching is making great photography approachable to everyone.​

Frank is globally renowned as a lecturer about digital photography. His teaching career rocketed when Frank joined KelbyOne. He is also an instructor in Photoshop World. Especially, his classes about model photography have been a big success online.

In 2013 he published the book “Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot (Voices That Matter)” and gained critical acclaim.

Having been devoted to online photography lessons, Frank has an extensive learning program named “Learning with Frank Doorhof” with diverse courses, a guidance program and online video web podcasts. His main focus is teaching workshops, weekly in the studio about “Mastering the Model Shoot” , with diverse themes like Small Flash, smoke, styling, movement, portraits and many more.

His teaching style is inspired by the late Dean Collins and is based on the principle that the language of photography is light so that photographers should be able to speak the language instead of faking it in Photoshop.

Frank is a very strong supporter for the use of the Light meter and his workshops are taught worldwide and are strongly based on lighting, storytelling and manipulating the light.​