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1 Simple Step Towards an Efficient Workplace
Case Study with 2 German Companies: E.DIS Netz GmbH & Inkozell Zellstoff-Vertrieb GmbH

For successful businesses, workplace efficiency is definitely one of their top priorities. E.DIS and Inkozell are two German companies that have found the secret to maximizing their employees' creativity and productivity for extraordinary success. Here, they reveal their employee performance formula: BenQ ScreenBar.

BenQ ScreenBars used for Reliable Network Control
at E.DIS Netz GmbH

“We use the lighting regularly. In everyday work, we benefit especially from the ease of use. Thanks to BenQ ScreenBar, the wellbeing of the employees' eyes has noticeably improved. Concentration and productivity have also been noticeably optimized.”


- Dr. Christian Kraemer from E.DIS Netz GmbH

The Best Solution to Workplace Problems

The 24/7 work shift resulted in low levels of worker productivity, especially at night. E.DIS Netz GmbH worked hard to identify the root cause of the problem, and they traced it back to the office's lack of proper lighting. In order to ensure optimal worker performance, they added a total of 32 ScreenBars to their workspace set-up at 8 different workstations, which were each equipped with 4 monitors.

Remain Productive All Day and All Night Long

Before the ScreenBar addition, employees were struggling to stay efficient after sunset. With ScreenBar, they could easily create the optimal lighting at any time of the day by adjusting the brightness and colour temperature according to their own preferences. Cold light effectively improved their concentration, whereas warm light allowed them to replenish their energy.

Say Goodbye to Workplace Distractions

The employees were also reported to have become more focused and less distracted. They found that an anti-glare screen and a clutter-free workspace cleared their mind and kept all distractions to a minimum, allowing them to focus entirely on their work.

BenQ LED Monitor Lamp
Makes Personalized Workspace Lighting Possible

“All colleagues now have the option of adjusting the lighting conditions for their workplace according to their needs. Overall, BenQ ScreenBar's lighting concept has had a very positive effect on the working atmosphere and makes fatigue-free working possible. We would opt for this solution again at any time.” - M. Arend, member of the purchasing department at Inkozell Zellstoff-Vertrieb GmbH.

Inkozell Zellstoff-Vertrieb GmbH, based in Berlin, has been selling healthcare and hygiene products for more than 30 years. In order to ensure the health and well-being of its customers, Inkozell puts great emphasis on the performance of their employees.

The Right Problem to Solve

Fixed, inflexible lighting greatly affected the employees' energy efficiency and productivity. Since each employee's responsibilities vary greatly, the lighting design was not flexible enough to accommodate the variety of tasks. The employees often found themsevles struggling to stay productive due to poor lighting, so they demanded for a customizable lighting solution that fit every employee’s needs.

Inkozell wanted to upgrade the work environment, but they did not want to replace the original lighting system entirely. Thankfully, BenQ ScreenBar was the perfect complement. After adding 70 ScreenBars to their offices, Inkozell saw great improvements in worker performance.

Versatile Lighting for Versatile Solutions

ScreenBar's precise lighting relieved the workers' eye discomfort and removed distracting screen glare. Its high level of customization also gave employees the versatile lighting they needed to achieve maximum productivity. The cold light improved their concentration, and the warm light enabled them to become creative problem solvers. They found themselves more focused at work and more determined to give their best efforts.

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