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What makes a good reading light?
ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp from BenQ
A new lighting experience
Space Saving

Stress is unavoidable when disorders surround you. A messy work place leads to distraction and has the potential to form a negative state of mind. If you keep your desk organized, you are creating the best environment for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. We save only a clean shape and the essentials. ScreenBar takes almost no space of your desk, making the lamp more user friendly.

Mood Lighting

One of the most significant reasons affecting how we work is light temperature. Warmer light tends to create more of a relaxing atmosphere to replenish your energy, while whites allows you to concentrate and boosts efficiency. You could adjust the color temperature at your will to create the best place to work.

Plug and Play

ScreenBar works for most setups. Whether it is a computer, phone charger or power bank, any USB outlet can power the ScreenBar and light up your desk.

Working desk should be designed like this?

∙ With the built-in ambient light sensor, ScreenBar adjusts the brightness level automatically and instantly.

No extra wires, just USB power.

An asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

A specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors easy and stable.

Adjustable color temperature to boost work efficiency.

What the World Says about ScreenBar
Youtubers / Bloggers
Patrick Shyu

Really one of the best investments I've seen in a long time for any tech professional or student. I love how the light is specifically designed for the digital era of computer usage, providing a wide sweep of ambient light that is adjustable in both brightness and color-temperature. I only wish I discovered this earlier, as it has made me more productive and is delightful to use. More important than any accessory or peripheral for your desk, is the lighting! This light will last for many years.

Michael Sheehan

When it comes to your eyes, you need to be sure you use things that don’t strain them. The BenQ ScreenBar not only offers great, configurable, and dimmable yellow to blue lighting scenes, it also has a zero-footprint on your desk, all without screen glare. I love the lighting scenes that can be created with ScreenBar from very dim and yellow for night-time, to bright and blue for day-time and high concentration. I like the soft-touch buttons and it’s very easy to control. It’s a great addition to night-time work environments where you need the focus to be your desktop.

Dustin Abbott
Photographer / Author

The BenQ Screenbar has a great blend of practicality and innovation. It has stayed attached to my SW271 editing monitor since it arrived, and it is the perfect way to add a little ambient light to my working environment without resorting to more intrusive overhead lighting. I particularly enjoy the easy control over color temperature and brightness and the clever design that assures that none of the light spills onto my screen and interferes with my work. The low power consumption along with the unobtrusive design makes this an easy recommendation for those looking for a streamlined lighting solution.

Nick Rowe

The BenQ Screenbar is the modern approach to desk lighting. It’s unique build and easy application, offers the user an excellent coverage of illuminance across their desk, without taking up any desk space at all. Ideal in both dark and light situations, thanks to the automatic dimming function. The LED source means its energy efficient and requires very little power, allowing it to be powered solely from your computer or laptop via USB. With zero glare on our screen while testing, it made for the perfect desk lamp.

Steven Ciofalo
Z Review

The Screenbar is one of the best solutions to a lighting problem that has existed since the dawn of computing. The controls are easy and power consumption is low. The ability to tailor the color temperature to your taste/environment/ mood is a huge bonus. I see the screenbar being used on my desk for the foreseeable existance of the universe!

Joshua Chan
Squashy Boy

The BenQ Screenbar is truly a impressive device to add to anyone's work environment. Its simplistic design and well engineered components makes it a stylish addition to any desk. The different light temperatures and brightness makes the Screenbar useful in any situation be it reading a book or just browsing the web in the late hours of the night. The angle of the light also prevents direct light from entering the users eye making it really comfortable to use. It doesn't take up precious table space which is its biggest selling point. Overall i really love it!