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EX2780Q 144Hz Gaming Monitor with HDRi Technology | BenQ

  • 27 inch 2K QHD 16:9 IPS Display

  • Wide gamut space with HDR and FreeSync for utmost and smooth image

  • USB-C™ One-Cable Connectivity


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Special Bundle Offer, with the AS10 Monitor Arm.

ex2780q gaming monitor 144hz

HDRi Brings Your Audiovisual Experience Up to
a Brand-New Level

You want to experience every aspect of the game, especially in certain darker areas. The intelligent clarity adjustment will satisfy that need, and will give clear and realistic details in the darkness. The stunning imagery on this 144Hz gaming monitor comes from the intelligent brightness control, plus emulated HDR. This means that every battle and scene you find yourself in, you will be fully immersed.

2K gaming QHD monitor 144hz

Extra pixel count for intricate details

gaming monitor 144hz with hdr

Wider color space, more life-like images.

Bezel-less 144hz gaming monitor
144hz gaming monitor

Larger onscreen space for better visual experience

24P Video Formate
gaming monitor 144hz with hdr

Natural motion flow

ex2780q 144hz gaming qhd monitor

Have a great game!

Specifications are important when you pick a gaming monitor, with clear imaging, smooth gameplay and less motion blur being a priority. With our 144hz gaming monitor, you can enjoy your gameplay, when racing or shooting, at high speed.

144Hz Refresh Rate
144hz gaming monitor ips

Better, smoother image for higher-speed games with this 144hz gaming monitor

qhd monitor for gaming with freesync

No tearing for smooth gaming

monitor gaming 144hz qhd monitor

Game Up with Visual Edge

Enjoy your game with enhanced visual effects. Scan around and spot, your enemies will become visible in the woods or the battlefield. Hide in ambush or wait for your teammate’s aid, great visibility enhances your gaming experience.

Black eQualizer
qhd monitor 144hz gaming

Get targets from better visibility in dark scenes

144hz gaming monitor IPS Panel
gaming monitor 144hz ex2780q
Color Vibrance

Your enemies are rendered visible in any background

Game Mode

Fit game modes for your game types

gaming monitor 144hz with qhd 1440p resolution
144hz gaming monitor

Your Game Your Way

You can decide how to enjoy your games. It’s no big deal to tune to your preferred settings from anywhere in your gaming corner. Pull all-nighters with your teammates from PC to console on your clean desk. USB-C output doesn't deliver power

Notice: For PS5 and Xbox Series X Settings*

Q: Will my EX2780Q support 1080p @120Hz on PS5?
A: Yes. Go to PS5 Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Game Presets > Performance Mode or Resolution mode > select “Performance Mode” See Example

Q: Will my EX2780Q support 1440p @120Hz on Xbox Series X?
A: Yes. Manually set your Xbox Series X’s resolution to 1440p or 1080p. Troubleshooting

Remote Control

Control from anywhere in your room

control from anywhere in your room by remote control
5-key Navigator

One-stop navigator to reach all the settings

one-stop navigator to reach all the settings with 5-key Navigator
Volume Wheel

Scroll to your desired level

volume wheel to scroll to your desired level
ex2780q with industry-leading built-in 2.1 channel speakers

Awe Inspiring and immersion with striking sound

Be fully immersed in your games, with a full range of sound. From well-defined bass to high audio tweeters. Experience every gaming scene as the creators intended, with industry-leading built-in 2.1 channel speakers, the true tone sounds will be sure to impress.


Locate your enemies by sounds we offer


Mind-blowing for any action

Pop / Live

Get you there in the scene

Dialog / Vocal

Clarity means better understanding

Rock / Party

Every beat rocks you

Caring for Your Eyes

BenQ's industry-leading eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue while ensuring greater user comfort after a long period of use.


TÜV Rheinland certifies ex2780q flicker-free and low blue light as truly friendly to the human eye
TÜV Rheinland Certification

Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies EX2780Q Flicker-Free, and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology is to brilliantly detect the ambient light levels as well as the color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature to grant you a cozy viewing comfort. Your contents will gain more details in dark areas and maintain a visible level of clarity and intensity.

B.I. plus tech. is to brilliantly detect the ambient light levels and the color temperature in your viewing environment to automatically adjust on-screen brightness and color temperature for viewing comfort
Eye Reminder

Implements an infrared sensor to accurately detect user’s presence and track the desk time to suggest a break.

ePaper Mode

The simulated e-book effect with clear black and white reading layout for a better reading experience.

Color Weakness Mode

Applies red and green filters on the monitor to help individuals with color perception deficiency distinguish colors more easily.

Low Blue Light

Effectively diminishes eye fatigue and irritation to bring viewing comfort.


Eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye fatigue

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