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Gaming Monitor with 27 Inch ,QHD, 1ms, Eye-care | GL2706PQ

  • QHD 1440p monitor (Resolution: 2560x1440)

  • 1ms GTG Response Time

  • DP and HDMI Input

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1440p monitor gaming gl2706pq
Styled for Everyday Business and Leisure

Embodying ‘less is more’ minimalist design, GL2706PQ monitor delightfully complements any modern space. Every aspect of form and function is reduced to unify simplicity and aesthetics. Enhancing visual pleasure and optimal eye comfort with BenQ exclusive eye-care technology, GL2706PQ celebrates minimalism and modern lifestyles as a gateway to everyday enjoyment for business and leisure.

2K QHD High Resolution

2K QHD (2560x1440) 1440p monitor resolution offers extraordinary clarity of fine details and depth of subtle textures optimised for gorgeous picture quality, with 77% more working space than Full HD displays.

pc monitor 1440p resolution
Caring for Your Eyes
Industry-Leading Eye-Care Technology

BenQ exclusive eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue for user comfort, enhanced productivity and workplace safety during extended use.

1440p monitor resolution gl2706pq
Low Blue Light Technology

Unique BenQ Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.


Flicker-free eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and reduces eye fatigue effectively. Conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 250 times per second. Your eyes may not see the flickers but they can certainly feel them. So relieve your eyes from the uncomfortable flickering effect by switching to a BenQ flicker-free pc monitor.

With Flicker-free Technology

Without Flicker-free Technology

BenQ Eye-Care Microsite

Brilliant Picture Quality
Fast 1-ms GTG Response Time

Super-fast 1-ms GTG response eliminates motion smear for smooth video and gaming. Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions render flawlessly without lag or ghosting. Enjoy immersive pc monitor gaming and video entertainment without delay.

8-Bit Colour Display

With the ability to render 16.7 million colour shades simultaneously, you can expect true colours, silky transitions and impeccable image quality on this 1440p monitor.



Audio Enjoyment Comfort
Height Adjustment Stand (HAS)

Rising up to 130 mm from the base, HAS allows you to find the best viewing angles for comfortable work or screen sharing with an extensive range of monitor adjustments – height, tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel.

HDMI Multimedia Interface

The latest HDMI high-speed multimedia interface enables effortless convenience to enjoy digital entertainment from today's source devices as well as tomorrow's multimedia equipment.

Integrated Speakers for a Perfect Audiovisual Experience

Whether watching your favourite movie, multimedia presentations or listening to music, powerful integrated speakers provide an immersive experience.