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Among the mountains, through the valleys, to the deserted zones, all for bringing into life the vision you pursue for eternity.

BenQ Photovue IPS Monitor for Photo Editing. Features 4K, HDR, 99% Adobe RGB
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99% AdobeRGB

Delta E
Uniformity Technology
Hardware Calibration
BenQ Photovue IPS Monitor for Photo Editing  4K, HDR, 99% Adobe RGB

Video-Editing to Tell Entrancing Stories

Every moment counts in life. Film a memorable moment after moment and make your ordinary episodes into eye-popping with HDR effect.

HDR Effect
Video Formate Support

Facilitating Post-Editing with Intuition

Inspiration comes and goes quickly. Wield BenQ’s considerate designs
to seize your insight and make your vision come to life.


Display the image in two color gamuts for refinement

Advanced B/W Mode

Enhanced black and white film effect for review.

Hotkey Puck G2

Preferred features as quick access to widely used settings.


One cable for high-speed Video/Audio/Data Transmission.

With BenQ, what we see is exactly what is in our file. It's so important to see the real colours. Plus, a BenQ screen lets us see what light is really doing in a studio. Thanks to BenQ’s quality, I see my photos how they really and that’s a must in my creative workflow.


Jon Hernandez

After many years of using BenQ, I can share only the best: colour accuracy and details look like you are live on set, and with the matte finish, reflections don’t bother me anymore. Alongside my camera, this monitor is a huge part of my job. I would recommend BenQ to any photographer.

Jovana Rikalo

BenQ monitors are an essential part of my workflow: wide gamut, uniformity and colour accuracy are just some of the features that make them unique. Whether for digital publishing or printing, BenQ is the choice I would recommend to any photographer.

Francesco Gola



Relive the Moment

Vital Moment Reproduced with Exceptional Colors

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