Why I strongly suggest working with the BenQ EW277HDR Monitor
Written by Paul van Dal, breakdance event organizer

Since my passion for breakdance developed into a fulltime living I have been working non-standard office hours throughout the week. Being involved into the online media aspect has got me working various hours on a day, including evening hours. With an ignorance of bliss I'm working late hours trying to get my work done on a small but bright white screen. The part of early fatigue and red eyes felt as part of the job but from the moment that I started working with the BenQ Eye-care monitor this has changed a lot!

The 27-inch full HD screen gives me a great view on all the still and moving images content that comes along during my work. The quality of the footage is amazing to watch with the HDR function! What I especially like about this monitor is the smart function of adjusting incoming lights from the monitor with the brightness intelligence plus. Having a monitor that can automatically adjust to external light keeps me from having dry eyes.

Watching videos while surrounding non-used screen space gets darker with the smart focus is just an example on why I love working with this monitor.

Next to that I'm fond of using Office or Reading mode with the Low Blue Light Technology when going more into depth with online articles or work documents. I have noticed it increased the time span of my focus a lot!

If I would have to talk improvement of the monitor it would be to have a touchscreen or more user-friendly way of switching between the different functions. I hope in future we can speak to our monitors not having to touch one button in order to get things adjusted; that would be something right?

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