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“Jamboard helps us focus more on the ideas, and less on translating creative direction to different teams.”
-Avi Couillard, Senior Strategist at Instrument

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“I can see a future where Jamboard is on every screen making every meeting a multimedia collaboration event without needing to worry about where you are or what tools your missing.”
-Brian Dochney, IT technical product owner

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“Jamboard is the perfect anchor for a meeting. We can easily add content and capture great ideas from everyone.”
- Shaown Nandi, Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones

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“Now with Jamboard and the app, it’s easier to reach a consensus with the different stakeholders. I really cannot imagine how I’ve managed to integrate work efficiently in the past.”
- Vincent Kao, Senior Creative Director - NEXT.0

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“The biggest hurdle in our industry is overcoming the status quo. Here at PATH we're all about embracing change.”
- Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal - PATH Architecture

Leeds City College crée un environnement d'apprentissage indépendant avec Google Jamboard

Avec plus de 1900 employés et éducateurs mais aussi plus de 24000 étudiants, Leeds City College, un des plus grands établissements de formations professionnelles, avait besoin d’un outil qui faciliterait l’apprentissage et stimulerait l’engagement.

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