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BenQ MU613 Wireless Meeting Room WUXGA Business Projector

  • 4,000 ANSI Lumen High Brightness for Stunning Presentations

  • WUXGA Resolution and Infographic Mode for Crisp Readability

  • Highly Compatible Connectivity



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Exceptional Image Quality for Presentation Impact
WUXGA Resolution for Enhanced Detail and Expanded Content

MU613 comes with WUXGA native resolution up to 1920 x 1200. With the booming of WUXGA smart devices, MU613 provides response resolution for users. This brings you crisp and accurate images in your every presentation!

WUXGA offer great detail for large-scale high-resolution projections.

(Example of WUXGA clarity on 200" projection)

Empower Business Presentation with Infographic Mode

With infographic becoming more mainstream and popular format in corporate presentations, MU613’s high color brightness and better color gradation, Infographic Mode ensures more saturated and lively color performance than presentation mode.

Versatile Adjustability for Convenient Setup
Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment

Countering the trapezoid effect when the projector must be placed off-center, such as simple placement on top of a table, vertical keystone function adjusts the image for a professionally squared image. Keystone correction makes it easy to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations.

Adjustment Feet for Convenient Setup

MU613 has 3 adjustment feet significantly enhance flexibility for projector setup and mobility in various types of meeting rooms, with the additional feet placed at the corners for high mobility

World-Leading SmartEco Technology for a Greener Environment
SmartEco™ Mode:

SmartEco™ Mode analyzes input content to determine the brightness required for optimal color and contrast performance, conserving up to 70% lamp power while delivering the finest image quality without compromise.

Eco Blank Mode:

When the projector detects no source content, Eco Blank Mode will automatically activate after 3 minutes of inactivity to eliminate distractions and save energy.

Auto Power Off:

BenQ projectors will turn off power after 16 to 20 minutes of inactivity to eliminate energy waste and concerns for teachers of leaving the equipment on.

* Eco Blank Mode and SmartEco Mode can be activated directly using the remote control.

LampSave Mode

Fewer lamp replacements and maintenance translate into an overall lower cost of ownership. LampSave Mode adjusts lamp power dynamically according to the displayed content to extend projector lamp life up to 50% compared to normal mode.

Highly Compatible Mobile Connectivity HDMI Connectivity

With two HDMI ports that support multiple presenters and their devices with ease, which satisfies the current digital trend while also supporting HDMI Wireless Dongle.

5V/1.5A USB Power

BenQ MU613 meeting room projector comes with an embedded USB port capable of supplying steady 5V/1.5A DC power to any wireless dongle, which ensures a truly hassle-free and high quality wireless presentation experience in meeting rooms.