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Eye Care Monitors for Home Users. An Eye on Your Eyes

There’s a lot going on around you while you're at your monitor. The light in your room shifts. It may get lighter or darker where you’re sitting. Also, while you’re looking at the screen, the monitor is emitting blue light, which can damage your eyes. BenQ eye-care technology addresses Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), eye problems caused by computer use.

How eye-care™ Protects Eye Health
Brightness Intelligence

Have you ever looked up from your screen and realized the sun went down or the lighting changed without you noticing? BenQ monitors with Brightness Intelligence track changes in ambient light and adjust screen brightness accordingly. They also adapt to the content displayed, making shaded areas easier to see without overexposing bright areas. This seamless technology preserves image quality while reducing eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Brightness Intelligence, adjust to ambient light, on-screen brightness for comfortable view
Low Blue Light

Blue light, the most powerful visible light, can be especially harmful to eyes. Low Blue Light Technology filters the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum to avoid damage.

How BenQ Eye Care Technology Works for Your Eyes

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