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Wildlife Photographer , 3D artist , Professional YouTuber Consultant , Speaker / Netherlands

Mike Hermes has been teaching younger generations the fine art of 3D modeling and animation as well as photography and cinematography for years. ​

Mike Hermes Hi, I’m Mike and I love telling stories…

As a kid growing up in Canada I dreamt of countries far away, exotic animals big and small and adventures that were fantastic, out of this world and intriguing.

And then I grew up ( that just happened ) , got a sensible job, and traveled the world. But I still love the art of storytelling whether it is done by means of writing, painting, drawing or for example photography.

So one day I decided I am too young to be old and I embraced my passions.

I currently do photography work taking pictures of furry, feathered or hairy animals and I also work as a freelance 3D artist.

And to give back what I have received I create tutorials on YouTube for upcoming 3D artists.

And to keep one foot in the adult world I work with companies and individuals to see if I can add new and fresh perspectives to problems that may trouble them.

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