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Nemanja Sekulic
Graphic Designer / Serbia

Nemanja Sekulic is a photographer, graphic designer and educator from Serbia.

I started to play with a Photoshop and Photography in early 2000th, when I got a Photoshop as a birthday gift. In that time, I was a student of electrical engineering. Shortly after, I opened a door to a photo manipulation world and instantly fell in love in the idea that in that world everything is possible, only limitation is your imagination. So, I decided to follow my heart and pursue photography and photo manipulation instead of becoming an electrical engineer.

My first clients were some local brands in Serbia, and later I started to work for the clients all around the world. In the meantime, I finished faculty and became a graphic designer. I love to do a workshops and teach people how to master a photo manipulation. I started a YouTube channel and from 2016. And until today I’m teaching people all around the world photo manipulation.

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