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ScreenBar® Pro

2024 Revamp Desk Setup Challenge

Upgrade your desk setup with the ScreenBar Pro

Innovative Patented Clamp Design

Desk lamps take up space, so it's time to replace them! Discover the ingenious design of the ScreenBar Pro's patented clamp, meticulously crafted to securely sit on a variety of monitors without the need for additional accessories. Experience this incredibly impactful desktop upgrade.

ScreenBar Pro Desk lamp
ScreenBar Pro
Desk lamp


Ultra-wide Illumination

With broader illumination than LED desk lamps, ScreenBar Pro provides ample, comfortable lighting, making it a great fit for various setups, including those with ultra-wide or dual monitors. Enjoy eye comfort with every view.


Time to change!

ScreenBar Pro isn't just a game-changer for your desk setup, it's packed with revolutionary new features! Using ToF sensor technology, it detects motion within a 60±10cm range, creating a cozy atmosphere. With its built-in ambient light sensor, it automatically adjusts brightness, adding a thoughtful touch to your daily routine. Come explore all the exciting features!



Presence Detection

Automatic Light On/Off

3rd Generation ASYM-Light TM  Technology

3rd Generation
ASYM-Light™ Technology

Adjustable color temperature and brightness

Adjustable colour temperature
and brightness

New Patented Clamp Design

New Patented Clamp Design


Rule of Participation

Upgrade Your Desk Setup:
Win the ScreenBar Pro and Deluxe Setup Package!

Total Prizes Exceeding £13,000


Participate in the lucky draw!​




Tech Driven Comfort

In 2017, BenQ Smart Lighting Team achieved a significant milestone by developing the world's first monitor light bar, the BenQ ScreenBar. This breakthrough highlights our dedication to advanced research and development, which forms the foundation for our high-quality products and ongoing pursuit of creative design. As a vital part of BenQ, a global technology leader, BenQ Smart Lighting aligns with its core message of "Tech-Driven Comfort." Positioned at the forefront of innovation, we address various lighting needs by creating solutions that improve environments while prioritising comprehensive eye care—a true embodiment of the brand's essence.

Good Design &
Lighting Design Award

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