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Benefits of Using Monitor Light Bars


According to extensive research, we spend around five hours a day looking at our screens. If you're a content creator, copywriter, gamer, or someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, your eyes can feel like they’re about to explore if you overdo it. To be safe, follow the American National Standard Practice for office lighting and make sure the lighting on your digital display has at least 500 lux. Lux is a measurement of light, and believe it or not, the BenQ monitor light bar series have 500 lux in one of eight different colour temperatures, from a warm 2700K to a fantastically sharp 6500K.

A guide to the benefits of using monitor light bars.

What is a monitor light bar?

Now, you might be wondering what a monitor light bar is. A monitor light bar is a piece of hardware with a specially designed clip that allows attachment to monitors.  It's an excellent way to enhance ergonomic lighting conditions, saving valuable space on your desk. The monitor light bar's asymmetrical optical design also eliminates reflective glare off the screen, only illuminating the desk.


When you see them, you might think: "Wow! This is the thing I've always wanted but didn't know existed, a fix for my problems with conventional lamps that has been on my mind for ages."


So, what exactly are the benefits of a monitor light bar? This article will examine the main reasons for using a monitor light bar. We'll also discuss why monitors in general should have a light bar.Let's read on.

Is a monitor light bar worth it?

You might think buying a monitor light bar isn't all that crucial, but eye discomfort from insufficient lighting quickly reminds us how vital proper illumination is. Some people find monitor light bars helpful, but others argue that they feel like it's just money wasted.


Before purchasing anything, it's best to carefully consider your needs and preferences. Here are five tips to consider when choosing a monitor light bar:

  • Illuminance: do you work in a brightly lit environment?
  • Low blue light: do you suffer from eye strain or fatigue?
  • Space saving: would you prefer not to use additional power cords?
  • Adjustability: are you willing to pay more for features like adjustable brightness and colours?
  • Appearance: do you have a preferred design or colour?


Light bars on your monitors can come with various features and prices, so you should always consider how much money and time you're willing to spend. They are worth it for many reasons, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth the investment. In the following paragraphs, we'll discuss more benefits of using a monitor light bar in detail.

Monitor light bars are worthy as they feature wide illuminance, low blue light, space-saving, adjustability, and its sleek appearance.

What is the Point of Using a Monitor Light Bar? 8 Benefits of Monitor Light Bars

So, what can a monitor light bar do? The primary purpose of the light bar is to light the surface of your desk or workstation. This compact lighting enhance visions, increases productivity, alleviates eyestrain and dryness, and enables people to work for extended periods.


To further realise what a monitor light bar can achieve, let us talk about some of the features of light bars. We'll also give you examples of why people put this light on their monitors.


Below are advantages of monitor light bars that you may find helpful in deciding if you need one:

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Eliminate glare
  • Intelligent brightness and colour
  • Save desk space
  • Zero flicker
  • Smart dimming
  • High quality light output
  • Adjustable colour temperature


Reduce Eye Strain

When setting up your work or gaming environment, you want to ensure it's well-lit. This alleviates future health issues and enables higher performance levels. BenQ low blue light technology removes blue light (420~480nm wavelength) to reduce damage to eyes.


Eliminates Monitor Glare

Bright desk lights with traditional designs often end up creating annoying screen glare, making you move your monitor or avoid using it at all. The best LED desk lamps today use sophisticated optics to put the light on your desk and keep it off your screen.


Intelligent Brightness and Colour

Look for a lamp that can change colour to fit your work style or time of day. Most of us don't think of white light as having colour, but colour "temperature" can impact your focus and mood. Early morning light tends to be bluer and our body responds with higher priority as we wake up, while evening light creates a more relaxed environment.


Space Saving

A cluttered space is a big no-no for a desktop setup. Not only does it make it hard to keep focused, it also affects your mood. With a monitor light bar, you can say goodbye to cluttered workspaces. This breakthrough design makes it easy to attach a BenQ ScreenBar to monitors. No space is needed for a lamp base and extra wires, which helps you clear up the mess and keep your desk clean and professional. Moreover, no need for screws or tape that may damage monitors since the clip fits into any monitor with a thickness from one centimeter to three centimeters, and the new BenQ ScreenBar Halo even supports monitors as thin as 0.7cm or as thick as 6cm for flat monitors and 1.6cm-4.2cm for curved monitors over 1000R.


Zero Flicker LEDs

Many LED lamps use basic components that flash rapidly to mimic the light from an incandescent lamp. BenQ monitor light bars use zero flicker LEDs which act just like an incandescent lamp by producing steady light output that is easy on the eyes, promoting a productive and efficient work environment.


Smart Dimming

For many people who work near windows, ambient light fluctuates throughout the day and evening. BenQ monitor lights have an ambient light sensor that detects environment illumination and adjusts to match it, creating a more comfortable work environment.


High Quality Light Output

BenQ ScreenBar is aesthetically designed to suit any desk setup theme. It increases the aesthetics of your desk setup and your productivity. Manufacturers measure the quality of light by its CRI, or colour rendering index, which indicates how accurate a product is in rendering colours, with natural sun being a 100. You want your desk lamp to have at least 90 CRI so that text on documents and photos stands out easily. The highest quality light is pure natural sunlight, but newer LED lamps are improving at replicating natural light.


Adjustable Colour Temperature

Stepless brightness and colour temperature choices help you to adjust based on your needs. Warmer lights help you relax and recharge, while cooler lights help you concentrate. All colour temperatures are compliant with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

How to Use or Install Monitor Light Bars?

There are a few ways to add light bars to your screen. They can be attached at the top or bottom of your monitor, which will keep a steady light on it and make it easier for you to see what's happening on the screen.


You can also get light bars to attach to the back of your screen. These are good for people who want light without any additional equipment on their desks. You might find it helpful when you're working on paperwork or using a keyboard in front of you.


When selecting a light bar, it's crucial to consider what you will be using your monitor for to ensure that the light bar you pick is compatible with your screen. And BenQ monitor light bars are revolutionary lighting systems. You can place them on your monitor to light up your desk without taking up any valuable space. To put a monitor light bar behind a monitor, here's an installation guide video.

Monitor light bars can be attached at the top or bottom of your monitor, which will keep a steady light on it and make it easier for you to see what's happening on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Poor lighting in the workplace damages our physical and mental health, causing headaches and fatigue. Monitor light bars provide great illumination and a better working environment without increasing screen glare. Most importantly, they reduce problems associated with extensive monitor usage, such as eye strain and headaches.


An excellent monitor light bar or lamp that suits your digital displays must have the correct brightness and a balance of function and adjustability. It might also include additional specifications that allow you to alternate between warm and cool light, which helps work with different colour palettes.


So, what do you think about our eye-care lighting? You should really see them for yourself! After learning the importance of proper desk lighting and the advantages of choosing a monitor light bar. Just make sure that you choose the right one for your needs and that it is compatible with your monitor.

Monitor light bars bring you great benefits and provide great illumination and a better working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should the light be in front or behind my laptop?

To avoid glare, the light should not be behind you and instead placed at an angle that covers your screen. The best place for your display light would be either mounted just below or over the desk.


Is it wrong to have a window behind your monitor?

No matter what position you are in, light from a window behind your desk is most likely showing on your monitor, and this could be causing eye strain. If you are seated facing the sun, it will reflect on your screen and create headache-inducing glare.


Can I plug the monitor light bar into my PC?

Any USB outlet can power BenQ monitor light bars. Once you turn the light on, it switches back to the brightness and colour temperature settings you last used to welcome you back to work energetically.

A power supply with an output of 5V/1A or more is required to ensure that the light bar can function correctly. For BenQ ScreenBar Halo, use 5V/1.3A power adapters or USB ports.


Do monitor lights help with eye strain?

BenQ monitor light bars do relieve eye strain. They conform to EU IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471 blue light standards. The highest quality LED light source is selected to protect your eyes.

With a BenQ monitor light bar that illuminates your monitor workspace to the recommended amount (500 Lux), your eyes can stay free of computer-related eye strain.


Can I use a light bar with any computer monitor?

It's essential to check the specifications of your light bar and your monitor to ensure they are compatible. ScreenBar and ScreenBar Plus fit flat monitors of 1cm-3 cm thickness or curved monitors of 1500R or more. ScreenBar Halo supports monitor thickness from 0.7cm to 6cm for flat monitors and 1.6cm-4.2cm for curved monitors over 1000R.


Can I use a light bar as a task light?

Yes, many people use light bars as task lights. They can help illuminate things in front of you, like paperwork or reading materials.


Is it normal for my eyes to hurt when I start using a light bar?

This is not normal, but poorly designed monitor lights with a symmetrical design can directly over-expose your eyes to lighting, causing strain. 


How can I adjust brightness or colour temperature?

Rotate the adjustment ring to change brightness or colour temperature. The lights around the adjustment ring will change accordingly.


How bright is the monitor light bar?

Assuming a distance of 45cm between the lamp and the desk, ScreenBar Halo is rated for 800 lux (peak).

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ScreenBar Halo

Fitting most monitors, BenQ ScreenBar Halo is a LED monitor light with an asymmetric optical design and backlight that illuminates the workspace; what's more, the wireless controller saves valuable space and allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature.

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