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Minin University Integrates BenQ’s Professional Displays and IFP Into New Multifunctional Study Environment

  • BenQ
  • 2020-05-27
Minin University Integrates BenQ’s Professional Displays and IFP Into New Multifunctional Study Environment

The Minin University in Russia wanted to create a new, future-proof lecture hall by using the latest technology and they needed the right partner to make it happen.


BenQ was chosen as the vendor the equip the school as they offered the most comprehensive package with both IFP and Digital Signage in the mix, as well as reliable, convenient bundled software.


Having the new lecture hall equipped with the right products has created an ideal student environment and helped to maintain the university’s image as a leading educational powerhouse.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RM6501K 4K UHD 65” Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays
  • BenQ PL552 Digital Signage
  • BenQ ST5501K Digital Signage
  • BenQ InstaShare





A school in Russia set up a new assembly hall which they needed state-of-the-art equipment


A pedagogical institute of higher education in Russia – Minin University – with a rich history and long-standing traditions faced the need to change educational processes to meet modern challenges. The development strategy of new system includes several initiatives: one of them is digital transformation that requires implementation of e-learning and e-learning environment. This will help bridge the gap between the high digitalization of society and the educational process. It will also facilitate sharing experience with partner universities around the world. The strategy, among other things, implied modernization of educational premises in order to bring them into line with the needs of students - future teachers. The decision was made to organize a multifunctional educational space for students where they could do homework, carry out joint projects and spend time with fellow students.

The new space was supposed to be the venue for different kinds of events – strategic and project events, workshops, presentations, etc. Brand new co-working has been designed for students to work together on their projects or individually. It also might serve as a small conference room. Old classrooms have been renovated and now allow to transform space into one big lecture hall or into smaller classes to work in small groups. The hallways were to become a multimedia space where poster and exhibition sessions can be held. All these areas needed advanced information and interactive display solutions that were easy to manage and could meet the requirements of each space.


Once concept of a new education space has been agreed, the university launched a procedure to select a partner who would create the information and communication infrastructure of a multifunctional educational space. As a result, IT-Integration company has been chosen, a system integrator and equipment supplier for education, industry, government and other areas of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

IT-Integration company offered BenQ display solutions since this one vendor could provide flat-panel displays for all purposes as well as software BenQ X-Sign Designer and InstaShare to control and manage the panels.

A 3x3 mobile video wall with BenQ PL552 flat panels has been installed in new lecture hall. Featuring a 4K screen engineered with an ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel gap, the PL552 panels offer a seamless viewing experience that will delight and captivate audience. The video wall can be used for online conferences, as it is equipped with a video conferencing system.

In the co-working area a smaller 2x2 video wall with BenQ PL552 panels was installed. It was connected to a conference camera to enhance remote work of students. BenQ PL552 panels allow to plug a USB drive to instantly play multimedia content: students can show their projects, discuss and search for new ideas.

In the transforming audiences different types of displays were used – for small groups in separate classes and for lectures in one big audience. 65-inch BenQ RM6501K mobile IFP’s, including those installed in other small classrooms of the new multifunctional space, allow students and teachers to access teaching materials quickly and collaborate during classes. These features are of great importance for the university which has moved from the lecture format to project team work.

With BenQ InstaShare software, designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration during lectures, students can mirror content from laptops and mobile devices. It allows the smooth streaming of visual, audio files and Full HD quality videos. The teacher can invite up to 16 participants for seamless collaboration.

There is also a 3x3 mobile video wall installation with the BenQ PL552 along with external camera for video conferencing in the transformer audience. When combining classrooms, large number of students may attend the lectures which can be online and offline.

The hallways of the new space, that now are used as a multimedia zone with convenient places for self-study and exhibitions, have been equipped with BenQ 55“ Smart Signage ST5501K. The stunning 4K resolution helps to enhance viewing experience, while the iron frame that covers all sides of the signage provides a robust and sleek design that blends well into renovated spaces of Minin University. Additionally, the BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign software facilitates effortless content creation and management.

Some buildings of the Minin University are already equipped with Digital Signage panels from other vendors but the content is mainly played directly from a USB flash drive, which is not convenient and requires a lot of time and resources. In the future, the university is planning to combine all displays into one network. X-Sign software will allow to centralize remote display management, content distribution, updates and displays restart if necessary.


Students and teachers of Minin University now can enjoy a brand new multifunctional space with advanced BenQ display solutions that will allow to implement Multi-Blended Learning methods, focused on the development of professional competencies and soft skills.

The BenQ IFP’s also meet another important requirement: the students, who will soon graduate and become teachers, not only can get acquainted with cutting-edge digital technologies for interactive classes that are widely used in k-12 education, but also be one step ahead.

It should be noted that Minin University utilizes display solutions from different manufacturers and, due to the high level of digitalization, is a benchmark for other pedagogical universities and educational institutions in the region.

"The BenQ's display solution used for the project is one of the most promising for further equipping of the university," said Dmitry Ershov, acting vice-rector for administrative activities of the university.

An ideal student environment and modern digital display solutions will not only become a new impulse and resource for effective teaching and studying but will also improve the image of the university that will be perceived as a leading one by its students and the entire educational community of Russia and partner countries.

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About Minin University
State Pedagogical University of Nizhny Novgorod n. a. Kozma Minin (NSPU or Minin University) was founded in 1911 and have rich social heritage. About 75% of teachers in the Nizhny Novgorod region are Minin University graduates.
In 2012, the Minin University project was launched to meet modern challenges and requirements in education of all levels. Now it is a regional flagship university for pedagogical, psychological, defectological, humanitarian education and education in the field of culture, art and of physical education that ensures sustainable regional social development through the development of teachers potential.
Today, Minin University is an educational institution where e-learning, high-tech studying methods, and student project activities are applied.