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Massively Improve Meeting Efficiency By Visual and Wireless Enhancements

Collaborative and Interactive Display

Large corporations with offices around the globe often encounter the same issue: how do we properly collaborate with our colleagues that are several time zones away? That is where new technology comes in.
Annotate and Collaborate Everywhere with the Cloud

As companies move towards meetings with more and more interactivity and inspiration, BenQ’s EZWrite 5.0 is ready to facilitate the change and connect to the world. EZWrite 5.0’s cloud features make it easy for presenters to save files to their personal cloud storage and then access them in any meeting room. It also streamlines discussions by making it smoother than ever for participants to share ideas, notes, and opinions as if they are annotating on the same whiteboard regardless of where they are. Meanwhile, the Floating Tool lets presenters easily switch between a wide variety of writing tools and make notes and drawings directly on top of any app, image, document, or video. With cloud storage and collaboration tools, EZWrite 5.0 offers a plethora of tools that will help every meeting go smoothly.

Display Management Made Simply Easy

BenQ software, combined with leading technologies and intuitive interface, is your ultimate solution for display management. Whether you want to mount a single display in your coffee shop or install a hundred-panel video wall in your shopping mall plaza, you can have one-step tools to easily manage all your BenQ displays and maximize the productivity for your workplace.

Centralized Control Over Multiple Displays

The MDA software allows you to simultaneously and remotely manage multiple displays via your local network or serial port. Save precious time on adjusting individual units, monitoring how they work and making sure your displays are all in prime shape.

OTA (Over-the-Air) Update

Upgrade the latest BenQ firmware for your displays through our OTA Update support and keep them running smoothly at all times.

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Efficient Working Environment with Wireless Presentation
A common complaint during meetings is the time wasted setting it up properly. Problems like finding the right cable, making sure they are long enough and switching presenters makes meetings very inefficient and stressful for anyone involved.
InstaShow™ Plug & Play: One Button to Start Wireless Full HD Presentations

BenQ InstaShow™ is a unique no-software solution that allows multiple presenters to present on any device. The plug and play operation requires no driver installation and is compatible with any OS or hardware platform.

InstaQShare Wireless Collaboration Solution

Integrated InstaQShare app enables easy wireless presentation and collaboration by screen mirroring. Launching the host app and downloading the client app onto an Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device, up to 16 participants can instantly stream content like presentations and full HD videos smoothly.

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