Enable Seamless Customer Communication Regardless of Space Limitations

Every retail shop is different and has varying needs. At BenQ, we pride ourselves on our extensive line-up of projector, Interactive Flat Panel, Digital Signage and custom-made software solutions. This allows us to always offer a suitable solution, no matter the situation.

Smart Shelf

A study discovered that 43% of customers left shops upset after they were not able to find the product they were looking for. In today’s hectic environment it is essential for a customer to quickly find what they need and all information they require.

To create an inviting scenario, BenQ offers Digital Signage displays with the exclusive X-Sign Content Management Software that perfectly communicate the shop’s messages, improving the customer’s decision-making process. For smaller shelves a shop can consider the Bar-type series with a special form factor rarely seen in the market. To enlarge customer engagement, there is now the special BenQ API that connects a physical product to the display; picking up a product will change the content displayed and showing the customer more details about their product.

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Immersive and Interactive Product Projection

To make a store more interesting for customers, a solution to consider is a big, immersive projection of certain hero products. A lifelike moving image never fails to catch customer attention and interactivity can play its part to make the picture even more inviting.

BenQ has a wide array of BlueCore laser projectors with numerous options available, making sure there is a right fit for any situation. There are several options in the level of brightness, resolution, throw distance and some models even have an interchangeable lens making them useful even during changing conditions.

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Video Wall and Interactive Display

When it comes to creating a larger than life image, nothing beats a video wall. Having several Digital Signage displays working in tandem to create huge, attractive images is the way to go and is guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone walking by.

For the best video wall experience, you need Digital Signage displays with as thin a bezel as possible to make the image smooth. BenQ’s Super Narrow Bezel displays have a bezel design of just 3.5 millimetres so chain store owners can build a seamless video wall that is free of visual distractions and puts all the focus on the content itself.

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BenQ Super Narrow Bezel series
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