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Six Ways the Right All-In-One Display Makes Your Video Conferences More Productive

The current rise in remote work culture is largely possible due to improved video conferencing technology. For big organizations, video conferences are a necessity when teams from different locations need to collaborate. These meetings allow for flexibility and are definitely more cost-effective than getting all remote team members in the same room. The only problem is that meetings in general, and virtual meetings in particular, can be very unproductive if not done right.

Employees believe they have too many meetings. Research shows workplace leaders spend 11.7 hours on average at meetings per week, and most believe that is too much. That means the volume of meetings is a problem, and possibly that meetings are too long or of bad quality (based on this survey by Gartner). So how do you hold a video conference that’s actually productive and allows people to collaborate in real time? Here are six ways in which BenQ DuoBoard, the right all-in-one display solution, gives you the perfect collaborative experience:

1. Quickly start your meeting

Stop spending the first 15 minutes of every virtual meeting on setting up screen share, audio, and other technical aspects. DuoBoard has all the features you need to instantly set up a video conference. It has a built-in full HD camera and a noise-reducing and echo-canceling microphone array. It also comes pre-loaded with the Blizz video conferencing app.

2. Multitask with ease

The DuoBoard interactive flat panel is designed to make multitasking a breeze with Duo Windows. Easily have two different applications or input sources displayed side by side on the same screen. You can take notes, annotate on documents, or brainstorm on screen throughout the video call, with just a single DuoBoard interactive flat panel. So now whether you are comparing two documents or presenting information from two different sources, it’s all very simple and user-friendly.

3. Collaborate effectively via the cloud

Not all great ideas can be written down. Some you draw, some you scribble along the margins as you brainstorm. You can now do this in a virtual meeting with EZWrite, DuoBoard’s built-in collaboration tool.

EZWrite’s cloud whiteboard feature simplifies remote collaboration for everyone involved. Whether your employees are working from home, in the office, or on business trips, they can share and exchange ideas with each other seamlessly. EZWrite lets everyone brainstorm, collect, categorize, edit, and share ideas using DuoBoard or their mobile devices.

4. Manage your assets in the cloud

DuoBoard supports multi-account management through NFC technology. Users can easily log in to DuoBoard and access and manage their personal settings and cloud storage accounts, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, by simply scanning an NFC card or device.

With the BenQ DuoBoard interactive flat panel, remote collaboration is simplified for everyone involved thanks to EZWrite cloud whiteboard functionality. Wherever team members may be, they can share and exchange ideas with each other seamlessly. DuoBoard lets everyone create, work on ideas, and share between interactive flat panels (IFPs) and a host of devices, from laptops to smartphones.

5. Go wireless

Get rid of the huge nest of wires hidden in your meeting room. InstaShare is compatible with a wide range of operating systems: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

The DuoBoard IFP includes InstaShare, the screen-mirroring solution that allows you to:

● Wirelessly cast up to 4 screens at a time

● Have up to users collaborating at the same time through two-way mirroring and touch

6. Have everything on record

DuoBoard saves users the hassle of notetaking. It comes with a video recording feature that captures the entire on-screen session, including audio. All details and annotations are recorded in files that can be referenced at any time or used for training. Sessions can also be exported to a simple PDF or image file that can be quickly shared with all attendees via email or QR code.

There you have it: six ways to host truly productive and highly collaborative video conferences. And it’s all possible with DuoBoard.

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