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Hybrid Workplace

Build your digital office to meet the needs of your business and lead effective communication.

Workplace Transformation Helps Welcome Your Employees Back to Office

It’s time for workplace transformation. With the end of COVID-19 related restrictions in sight, now is the time for top management to take a serious look into the future and set the course for the coming years. One of the main topics to handle is where your employees will be spending most of their time working: at the office or a hybrid home / office solution.

Next-generation corporate display

An enterprise-grade 4K UHD display purposely built for highly engaging meetings, presentations, and video conferencing. With a flexible display that adjusts to the way you meet, you can conveniently host or join video conferences with the right display (available in 65", 75" & 86") that matches your meeting requirements.

Pantone Validated Signage

World’s first and only Pantone validated digital signage provides optimal colour precision.

DuoBoard Interactive Display

Corporate interactive display is designed for extended and seamless team collaboration.

Smart Projector

BenQ Smart Wireless Projector offers instant mirroring and PC-free meetings.