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Display Software
Display Software

BenQ systems for device and account management provide local and remote management options to your organisation.

Device Management
Centralized control and distribution of the latest software through the cloud

BenQ DMS (Device Management Solution), combined with DMS Cloud and DMS Local, featuring leading technology and an intuitive interface, is your ultimate solution for device management. One-step tools help to easily manage all your BenQ displays and maximize the productivity for your workplace.

DMS Cloud

DMS Cloud is designed to save you the hassles of repetitive manual installation work. Connect with the internet, It helps users to remote control and centralized management over the multiple devices. Through BenQ’s cloud server, you can save a tremendous amount of time and effort on manual app installation. More than that, the feature of the OTA (Over-the-Air) technology can easily keep your firmware up-to-date to let your displays operating stay at the peak performance.

DMS Cloud Features Introdution

DMS Local

DMS Local is a Device Info and Management software based on windows OS. For users who would like to control your displays remotely via LAN (Local Area Network), you can download DMS Local software for your operation. Furthermore, it also supports BenQ digital signage Agent Mode which enables the deployment of APK and OTA to local devices. Connected with the network with the Agent Mode, it integrated the features of the DMS cloud which could help you control the non-smart devices in locally as well.

How to Start DMS Local?

Difference Between DMS Cloud and DMS Local
Account Management
Instant Access to Personalized Cloud Storage through AMS

BenQ AMS (Account Management System) makes it more convenient for users to access and manage their files. AMS provides customized workspace environments, private local storage space and personalized settings for user’s convenience. Users can access their personalized workspace environment and settings on any IFP that they have logged into and the process could be further accelerated with BenQ designed NFC cards.

Software solution partners
Software Solution Partners

BenQ as a world-leading technology company cooperates with powerful software solution partners and is dedicated to providing the most complete service to our customers.

Cloud Service

BenQ partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance the software functions on the display. Through AWS, BenQ’s software has a more steady performance. As the best example, the CP01 series of corporate interactive flat panels with a voice command will deliver by AWS on 2020 Q3 and it also replaces the physical remote control.

Virtual Desktops and Applications

VMware Horizon 7 delivers virtualized or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end-users. With it, the BenQ conference room solution could help users to access their digital workspace from all devices, locations, and connections. It allows you to start a meeting immediately without carrying any laptop by just logging in to the platform and the device will turn into your workspace.

Certified Video Conferencing Displays

BenQ large-format displays deliver solutions with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. The large-format displays comprise digital signage and interactive displays. The integration with Zoom affirms BenQ’s commitment to present and future corporate requirements for visual communication and conferencing.

Remote Management

TeamViewer™ is the world’s most-loved remote desktop tool with over 30,000 new downloads every hour. We embedded the Teamviewer software into our interactive flat panel which helps save IT resources by offering remote management for the display and keep all of the computers, servers and devices ready at your fingertips.

Video Conferencing

TeamViewer Meeting is a powerful cloud meeting service that unifies video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging and discussion management. BenQ Smart Signage Series and Interactive Flat Panel Series are using the built-in camera, array mic, and Blizz collaboration software to be able to start an instant video conference anytime, anywhere.

Security Software

BenQ Interactive Flat Panels are embedded with McAfee for maximum security. McAfee offers device security with Real-time protection, Deep Scan, Web Browsing Security, and Wi-Fi Security functions. To ensure data security, McAfee provides Privacy Check, APP Access Protection, and Hidden APPs features.