5 Reasons Why Universities are Investing in DLP Classroom Projectors
  • BenQ
  • 2018-08-28

India’s Universities - new and existing - are all in investment mode. 

Projectors form the centre of their investment plan when it comes to edtech hardware in the classroom. While projector investments are looked upon as a 'commodity', more universities are showing increasing preference for cutting-edge DLP projectors. The reason - to improve the quality of education delivery.

Advantages of DLP projectors

Acclaimed for its accurate colour, razor-sharp and long-lasting picture quality, digital light processing (DLP) powers 90% of the world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theatres. DLP has 50% share of the worldwide projector market and BenQ is today the #1 bestselling DLP projector brand, delivering unmatched world-class performance. The of following are 5 key reasons why DLP Projectors are such a success.

Dust-proof capability

Dust is now India’s everyday problem. The Centre for Science and Environment wrote in its June 2018 report, "Larger particle size of 10 microns (PM10) that are highly impacted by dust, have shown an increase of nine times over the permissible level in North India."

Dust accumulation reduces the life of a projector, increases maintenance costs and lowers overall performance. More and more educational institutions now want to invest in the best equipment to enhance both theteachers' as well as the students’ experience. These demands can be easily met using dustproof projectors.

Protection from dust is an essential factor for any DLP projector's design and gives it that added edge over other projectors. This dustproof design is predominantly achieved with a sealed optical engine design that ensures total protection of the DLP chip, colour wheels, and light path components. Sealed engine design is the native advantage of DLP projectors compared to non-DLP projectors. It effectively prevents colour wheel sensor failures, visible spots on images, and eliminates colour decay to significantly reduce service costs and downtime. A sealed engine design also prevents scattered light by protecting the anti-reflective coatings from dust.

Long-lasting picture quality

BenQ education projectors are capable of maintaining long-lasting picture quality by eliminating colour decay. This is because of a sealed design that protects the DLP chip from dust-induced image degradation and the industrial-grade durability of DLP projection technology. Unlike non-DLP projectors, BenQ education projectors deliver premium picture quality equivalent to the results from brand new projectors after lamp replacement.

High pixel fill factor for a superb viewing experience

DLP classroom projectors feature class-leading high fill factor which reduces “black border” around pixels and minimises screen door effect, which is commonly observed in non-DLP projectors. This technology provides superior definition and clarity, leaving us with beautiful images instead of pixelated graphics.

Smooth videos

Videos are increasingly becoming a norm in all classroom delivery. Not only are videos perfect for students’ short-attention span, they also help professors utilise learning assets well.

’Blur' plays spoilsport and compromises the audience experience when watching videos, especially fast motion scenes. A DLP projector provides a sharp and detailed view during fast motion, giving the audience a better viewing experience of moving objects. Side-by-side, a DLP projector will look sharper and more detailed during fast motion than a non-DLP projector because the micro-mirror on the DLP chip is toggled on and off very quickly.

High contrast ratio for crisp readability

Looking at foggy texts and hazy graphics can cause headaches. This is certainly not desirable and can be eliminated using projectors that have a high contrast ratio. This helps us to read texts, numbers, and tables, which are widely used in teaching materials, with better clarity.

By completely toggling off reflective micro-mirrors, DLP projectors are able to produce deep, true black colours with high contrast ratio for sharp readability and crisp resolution. Imagine the impact on learning outcomes this could create.

Way forward with DLP projectors

DLP is at the cutting-edge of projection technology and is the smart choice for forward-thinking higher education leaders. Educators should take advantage of DLP projectors to deliver their promise of excellence in education. Long-lasting picture quality, good pixel fill factor and high contrast ensure quality of education delivery; and dustproof capabilities deliver uninterrupted learning.