House of AI Immerses Visitors in the World of Artificial Intelligence Using BenQ Laser Projectors
  • BenQ
  • 2024-02-13



University College VIVES decided to build an experience centre called The Flax – House of AI to immerse its visitors in the world of artificial intelligence. The limited surface area, however, made it challenging for The Flax to employ 360° projection.


Ocular, the system integrator of VIVES, was familiar with BenQ’s TR 0.5 short-throw lens projectors with both horizontal and vertical lens-shift and knew BenQ as a reliable brand for technical support. The durability and outstanding image quality of BenQ laser projectors were other factors that led Ocular to use them in The Flax.


The impact of BenQ projectors was transformative. The 360° projection, combined with lights, sounds, and interactive displays, turned the House of AI into a realm where technology and storytelling seamlessly meet.

Untitled design - 1
Untitled design - 1

VIVES Builds the House of AI

To create an immersive space where students step into the future of learning and augmented experiences, University College VIVES decided to build an interactive experience centre called The Flax – House of AI.

The Flax - House of AI is located in the vibrant city of Kortrijk, Belgium, as a centre of technological innovation and interactive education. It has become a pioneering hub for exploring the world of artificial intelligence. Flax stands for 'Future Learning and Augmented Xperience'.

Creating a Tailor-Made Solution

In The Flax, the challenge lay in the limited space available for the 360° projection. The 360° projection mapping involves projecting visual content onto a spherical space to create an immersive environment. The projection area in The Flax – House of AI put a constraint on ensuring a seamless visual experience. However, with the choice of BenQ's LU960ST2 ProAV projector, equipped with a TR 0.5 short-throw lens laser as well as horizontal and vertical lens shift, the challenge transformed into an opportunity.

Short throw lens of the LU960ST2 laser projector made it possible to create an immersive and interactive projection without shadow. This model can create up to 200-inch sharp and clear images within only 2 metres away. With the factory white balance calibration, achieving the once impossible consistent, vibrant colours from all the projectors installed in their space was no longer an elusive challenge. The H/V lens shift, on the other hand, allowed for mounting adjustment by moving the image up and down up to 55% of the screen height – and fine-tuning the horizontal position by 23% for an off-axis mounting location.

Nine LU960ST2 laser projector brought the future of AI to life in the immersive room, granting a glimpse of 2040.

Building the Ultimate Immersive Experience

In collaboration with Ocular as their system integrator, the choice of BenQ was well-considered. The SI experts, recognising the durability and superior image quality of BenQ projectors, found in the LU960ST2 the ideal solution for creating an ultimate immersive experience. With reliable technical support, BenQ became a key partner of this ambitious project.

When the system integrator turned to BenQ, the process of selecting and integrating the projectors was facilitated by Projection Services, BenQ's customised simulation and immersive projection service. ProAV professionals at BenQ provided expert consultation on 3D mapping of the environment and the ideal projector model to integrate. With the BenQ Projection Services, Ocular was able to offer The Flax – House of AI the best way to implement their projection ideas.

“Thanks to the technology, it feels like you step into a world of AI that feels exciting and is full of surprises. This kind of experience really grabs the attention of the students.”

Griet Verbeke - Coordinator at The Flax - House of AI


The Flax - House of AI has not only met but exceeded its goals. The immersive experience, powered by BenQ projectors, has left a lasting impression on visitors, who are mainly students as well as notable figures like Minister Ben Wade and scientist Livinschere. The collaboration with Ocular, supported by BenQ's technical prowess, has successfully immersed students in the world of AI, making learning an extraordinary journey.

As The Flax – House of AI continues to shape the future of education, the partnership between VIVES, Ocular, and BenQ has been a successful case of technology integration enabling innovation and impactful storytelling.