The Sacré Coeur School Gets An Upgrade with BenQ Solutions
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The Sacré Coeur school in Calais is a school that places great emphasis on providing individual attention to pupils and their families. With numerous school trips, a stable teaching team and a dedicated teacher for pupils in difficulty, the only thing Sacré Coeur was lacking was adequate digital equipment to move into the digital age.


The main objective was to acquire a simple, multi-functional tool that would be suitable for everyone. The Sacré Coeur team is highly educated in matters of teaching but lacks knowledge of IT, so it was important for them to have full technical support. BenQ solutions combine educational tools with ease of use, straightforward choice for the school.


From maths to French to reading, interactive whiteboards are now used in many of the activities at Sacré Coeur.

Making the choice of BenQ’s RM6502k, means that the team also has access to a variety of BenQ’s software.The Account Management System (AMS) allows teachers convenient access to files and accounts on all of the devices; InstaShare is a wireless solution for smooth collaboration, effortless screen sharing and touch control from PC’s, tablets and smartphones.With cloud storage, collaboration tools and a built-in teaching assistant, EZWrite is a whiteboarding software that takes the classroom experience to the next level.

The tools integrated into the displays are ideal for teachers. Educational applications such as the all-digital pencil case, the floating tool or the dedicated stylus are all new learning tools and aids for the pedagogical team.

“BenQ solutions combine both educational tools and remarkable ease of use!”

Adjusting to BenQ's Solutions is Child's Play

The pupils have also taken the lead and are using the screens in a natural and intuitive way. In fact, the fifth graders sometimes even teach their teachers tips and tricks on how to use the BenQ solutions!
They are not the only ones: the BenQ team is always available to listen to the needs of the members of Sacré Coeur. In order to ensure a hands-on experience, it was important that the technical support was up to scratch.
It also helps that managing two, six or sixty monitors remotely is made very simple with BenQ DMS (Device Management Solution), and allows a local IT support or a tech-savvy school member to send messages to all or one display, monitor the devices via a dashboard and make adjustments or upgrades in a centralised manner. Between user demos and training adapted to the support team's level of expertise, the collaboration between BenQ and Sacré Coeur is at the heart of this successful digital transition.

From the professional staff to the parents, not to mention the children themselves, the six BenQ RM6502Ks are delighting everyone. Next step for Cathie Delattaignant, headmistress of Sacré Coeur School

“To maintain our relationship with the BenQ company and deepen our collaboration with them...”

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