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Why Should You Care About Lighting?

Lighting in the workplace is closely related to employee performance. In fact...

1. 24% of workers claimed poor lighting as a major factor in loss of work due to eye strain and discomfort (Cornell University)
2.Circadian lighting resulted in a 12% increase in task performance as employees' circadian rhythms affect their cognitive performance and problem-solving ability (University of Twente, VU Amsterdam and CBRE)

In the 1980s, a post office in Nevada renovated their lighting system to make employees more comfortable. These mail sorters were declared to be the most productive sorters in the western half of the country, leading to boost in revenue by approximately $500,000 per year.(

Why Your Office Lighting Needs Improvement
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Ceiling Lights

Office ceiling lighting is not flexible enough to suit every individual's needs. It is often fixed at an overly bright level, making the work environment unsuitable for efficient computer work.

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/Drop Down Lights

Overhead lights look great but are not always practical. Since they are not task specific, they may be too far away, causing the light to be poorly distributed.

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Lack of Daylight

Insufficient exposure to natural daylight may interfere with employees' circadian rhythms, negatively affecting their cognitive performance and problem solving ability.

ScreenBar: Productivity X Creativity
ScreenBar is your gateway to superior work performance.
Take Your Workplace Productivity to New Heights
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Ultimate Comfort for Ultimate Work Performance

The discomfort due to poor lighting, such as migraines, eye strain, anxiety, trouble sleeping and SAD, is harmful to your employees and causes the entire office to run inefficiently. ScreenBar’s customizable and intuitive settings make it easy for employees to choose the optimal lighting for any occasion, improving overall well-being and performance.

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Remain Focused at Work

Eliminate distractions by keeping screen glare at bay with ScreenBar. ScreenBar goes the extra mile to ensure the light emitted is focused and precise. It complements your current lighting system perfectly by bringing illumination to all of your working area.

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Boost Productivity with Natural Lighting

In offices with insufficient natural lighting, ScreenBar allows employees to set the lamp to the same colour temperature as the sun at any given moment of the day, keeping their circadian rhythms in check and harnessing their energy to be more productive during the day.

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With Less Clutter Comes Less Distractions

ScreenBar saves space on your work desk by clipping onto your monitor. It helps your employees keep a cleaner, more organized desk space, leading them to be more productive and less distracted by a messy desk.

Turn Up Your Creativity
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Sometimes Dimmer Is Brighter

According to psychologists Anna Steidel and Lioba Werth, compared to normal office lighting, dim lighting stimulates creative insight and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. With 14 dimmable brightness levels, ScreenBar lets your creativity thrive and leaves you free to use your imagination to solve problems.

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Warm Up Your Creative Brain

Research has shown that warm light (3000K) helps with creativity while colder light improves concentration. ScreenBar has a color temperature range of 2700-6500K, making it the perfect tool to help you tackle complicated tasks and get your creative juices flowing.

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Clear Your Desk, Open Your Mind, Be More Creative

Insufficient exposure to natural daylight may interfere with employees' circadian rhythms, negatively affecting their cognitive performance and problem solving ability.

Create the Most Efficient Work Environment with ScreenBar

• No installation costs (1-minute setup)
• Space saving
• 14 dimmable brightness levels
• 8 color temperatures: Cooler tones help with concentration while warmer tones help with creativity
• Focused workspace lighting
• Personalized settings for maximum comfort
• Built-in ambient light sensor for optimal brightness adjustment
• Protects against eye fatigue
• 40,000 hour lifespan
• All materials meet the regulation in EU Directive, RoHS (2011/65/EU)
• LED is complied with the IEC/TR62778 (the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaires regulation)
• Global standard certifications: IEC / TR62778 / FCC / Europe-CE / IEEE

ScreenBar: See the Difference

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