Cena Ilość
Colby Brown
Colorist / China

Trained as an engineer, SUN entered the film industry in 2004 and then dedicated himself to the studies of color correction and color grading in the film industry since 2008.

Sun established the brand of CHUN XING’s Seminars in 2012 in order to teach, publish, and promote the DaVinci Resolve; he has gained a lot of positive feedback and acknowledgements from his learners and subscribers. His DaVinci Resolve 2016 has become one of the best-selling books on post-processing and 2016 also saw his lecture tour “in the Sanctuary of Light and Shadow: the Beautiful Moments” in colleges and universities.

Also, as an excellent colorist, Sun believes that color correction is the key to color grading. His main task is to render true and to unify the color difference, the hue and the color temperature to ensure “correct” colors. This is to restore what the director intended to create, not to make the film look artificially rendered.