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BenQ ClassroomCare Interactive Display for Education

Interactive Displays

Students collaborate in the classroom with BenQ Interactive display

RP Series

Designed with bespoke premium features, the BenQ RP series reshapes teaching and learning environments, offering the complete ClassroomCare 2.0 solution. Educators and students benefit from a precision motion sensor, an air quality sensor, convenient front-facing ports and instant-pair NFC technology. Helpful cloud features include a digital whiteboard to help with class preparation and promote participatory collaboration across platforms and locations. As a wellness-conscious smart product, the RP series packs a germ-resistant screen and eye-care technologies. It supports learning in a healthier manner and offers an interactive display that connects entire classes through consistently fun and rewarding educational experiences.

Educational Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP02

The BenQ RP02 is designed to build an engaging and healthy teaching and learning environment.

.Cloud Whiteboard
.Upgraded Air Quality Sensor: CO2, PM2.5, Temperature, and Humidity
.Germ-Resistant Screen
.Eye-Care technology
.Zero Bonding Technology with Fine IR Touch Interface
.Advanced Presence Detection
.4K UHD Touch Screen
.Friendly, Hassle-Free Account and Display Management

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Teacher uses BenQ interactive display to teach and engage students in the classroom

RM Series

New possibilities for dynamic classroom interaction come to life with the BenQ RM series. Carefully balanced for a superb cost-performance ratio, RM series solutions help schools on every budget level incorporate highly helpful BenQ Eye-Care technology and sophisticated yet intuitive cloud whiteboard capabilities to enhance student participation and foster collaboration beyond platform and locale constraints. Now in native 4K UHD, the RM series delivers a touch-enhanced experience that connects everyone in the classroom towards fun and deeply beneficial learning with quality that's built to last.

Educational Interactive Flat Panel Display | RM02

The RM series is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help teachers build a healthy and engaging learning environment.

.Cloud Whiteboard
.Eye-Care technology
.4K UHD Touch Screen
.Friendly, Hassle-Free Account and Display Management

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