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BenQ corporate displays fully address your collaboration and meeting space requirements with carefully balanced and optimized solutions. Take a look at some of the most popular usage scenarios and meeting room sizes corporate clients highlight. This guide can help you decide which product line is best-suited for you.

Collaborative Meeting Room Solutions

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Futureproof Teamwork Connects People, Devices, and Spaces

BenQ displays for corporate environments enable team collaboration and creativity. They help companies overcome time and location constraints and work together despite changing conditions. Wireless sharing and high quality video conferencing promote connected work with a multi-platform approach that’s almost entirely device-agnostic, meaning “bring your own device” works great every time. BenQ offers easy to use solutions that fuse hardware and software seamlessly.

BenQ interactive displays

Premium Collaborative Video Conferencing

The BenQ DuoBoard consolidates and replaces multiple office technology, making it an all-in-one solution that enhances collaboration, communication, and teamwork. It aids your teams in taking their creative ideas from the whiteboard into reality, helping productivity at businesses of all sizes.

BenQ meeting room displays

Superb Quality, Executive-grade Video Conferencing

The new corporate display from BenQ is an enterprise-grade 4K UHD display purposely built for highly engaging video conferencing, presentations and communication for every occasion, from brainstorming to crucial decision making.

BenQ pantone-validated displays

Pantone-validated Displays at Work

As the world's first Pantone validated digital signage, BenQ professional displays guarantee superior color accuracy, pair wonderfully with color-calibrated devices, and are ideal for image professionals.

BenQ presentation displays
Extra Efficient Presentation Displays

With BenQ professional smart signage, you access wireless display, casting, and sharing for all your presentations. Crisp and lively video quality gets your message across without incurring undue costs, as BenQ presentation-class displays arrive at a very inviting value point.

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All-in-one video conferencing

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Work Better with Experiences that Go Beyond Devices – and Locations

Our products offer designs that cater to a highly dynamic and mobile work culture. Device interconnectivity, platform compatibility, and experience portability all create a collaborative ecosystem that goes with you and greatly improves your productivity.

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