K-12 Education Solution

Studies show that, after integrating flipped classrooms into K-12 education, 67% of teachers saw a perceivable increase in test scores and 80% reported their students’ attitude towards subjects also significantly improved. BenQ’s educational technology, including ultra short throw projectors and interactive flat panels, is aimed to cultivate a student-centered K-12 classroom, allowing young students to expand their knowledge via touch-enhanced interactive learning.

Discover why BenQ Display makes K12 education more interactive

● Tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and build a vision-friendly, interactive learning environment with Interactive Flat Panels.

● Lower recurring operational costs with the flexible installation options, easy management controls and robust durability offered by Interactive Flat Panels.

● Incorporate interactive learning into classrooms large or small with BenQ’s high-quality, touch-enabled image projected by Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel
Tap into Interactive Learning and Foster Endless Possibilities
The Ultimate Solution for Healthy Learning

When it comes to effective learning, health matters. The Interactive Flat Panels’ health solution, comprised of an AG+ Screen and total Eye-care solution, helps curb bacterial buildup and safeguard eye health for teachers and students. This offers students a healthy learning environment and allows them to focus on learning without suffering from eye fatigue or distractions.

Keep your ideas on the same page using multiple boards

Designed for Project Based Learning or on line tutoring and collaboration , students and teachers can use two or more ClassroomCare® IFPs to join the same Cloud Whiteboard to discuss, annotate and collaborate on the same projects in the same or different classrooms.

Interactive Software Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of educational software, BenQ’s interactive flat panels allow teachers to work with their preferred software tools while enjoying the ultimate hardware experience. The EZWrite 3.0 annotation software, with dynamic cooperation and annotation tools, not only enables students and teachers to take colorful notes across multiple media file types, but also instantly enhances class activities. To make annotating with EZWrite 3.0 even easier, the NFCPen allows teachers to tap the display’s NFC sensor to start writing immediately or change the writing color. This helps teachers maintain a smooth teaching flow, free from technical interruptions.

Lower TCO with Robust Reliability and Hassle-free Management

Tap into touch-enhanced learning at minimal cost. BenQ interactive flat panels offer easy, cost-effective installation, and a panel life of up to 30,000 hours ensuring steady performance for years to come. BenQ’s interactive flat panels also integrate Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, allowing IT personnel to manage all displays in real-time via local network.

Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector
Make Learning More Visual and Interactive
Ultra Short Throw Projection

An ultra short throw ratio means that even when the projector is mounted only centimeters away from the board, students can still enjoy a big-screen projection in small classrooms. This also allows teachers to walk freely in front of the class to interact with students, without being distracted by the bright projector light or worrying about blocking the projection.

Ultimate Image Quality for Unrivaled Readability

Engineered with industry-leading DLP technology, BenQ’s interactive ultra short throw projectors offer high brightness and stunning resolution to deliver unrivaled image clarity even when the classroom’s lights are on. To maximize image quality, Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optical architecture further enhances image uniformity by eliminating uneven brightness. This empowers teachers to present their lessons with stunning clarity, allowing students to easily comprehend new ideas with astounding readability and lifelike colors.

PointWrite™ Module for Enhanced Interactivity

By combining PointWrite™ and QWrite software, BenQ’s interactive ultra short throw projectors can turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard for easy annotation and true collaborative learning.

Open Platform: The Ultimate Solution for Enriched Learning
Multi-Touch with Pens or Fingers

With responsive multi-touch capability, teachers can easily initiate interactive learning and explore dynamic possibilities by inviting students to co-create artwork, participate in team activities and more.

Multi-Screen Drawing for Uninterrupted Teaching Flow

Use two projectors at once to engage students with ultra-wide, larger-than-life images. Multi-Screen Drawing provides a seamless annotating experience across edge-blended projections. To increase ease of use, teachers can use gesture commands to zoom in and out and navigate their selection of teaching materials.

Effortless Setup

After connecting USB and VGA cables to projector and PC, teachers can immediately turn any interface into an interactive whiteboard and make notes directly on course materials with pens and/or fingers. Calibration is automatic and takes only a second.

Wireless Presentation

Enrich teaching with smooth digital interaction. By plugging in BenQ’s QCast dongle, media files including documents, images and videos can be streamed from mobile devices or PC to the big screen. This not only maximizes teachers’ freedom to interact with students, but also enables students to wirelessly present their work and cultivate ideas through instant sharing.