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BenQ Interactive Flat Panel's 5 Core Values
When developing a touchscreen, every feature, possibility and specifications must fit a simple model and meet BenQ’s 5 Core Values.
Experience, Simplicity & Convenience

Using a touchscreen should be an easy and intuitive experience. With built-in educational tools and features such as Dual Pens, Brush Mode, EZWrite and InstaShare, using BenQ’s cutting edge education technology is as simple as scrolling through a smartphone screen.

Provide a healthy learning environment

Make your classrooms a safe and healthy space for students and teachers with BenQ ClassroomCare® technology. From air quality sensors to monitor temperature, CO2 and humidity levels of the room; a silver ionic germ-resistant coating inspired by medical technology and Smart Eye-Care to avoid long exposure to blue light. Most BenQ’s IFPs are equipped with all the tools to create healthy classrooms.

Time, Effort and Energy efficient

Installing BenQ’s IFP doesn’t have to be a hassle. No need for complicated technical changes or new software trainings thanks to BenQ DMS (Device Management Solution), which allows for quick and easy deployment of updates to all IFPs in the network. All of your devices will be fully functional with zero downtime. BenQ’s IFPs are also long-lasting and energy efficient, which means schools can cut down on energy and maintenance costs.

Safely manage access to devices

BenQ’s simple account management system (AMS) ensures data and device security. Teachers and school staff can use login credentials, NFC Cards or QR Codes to access the screens settings and apps, load lessons from the cloud or display messages on the PA systems. This way, students can freely use the whiteboard, without any risks of them disrupting the panel or network settings.

Support, whenever you need it

With BenQ’s IFP, comes constant support. From a Premium Warranty to regular training adapted for the teachers and school staff, as well as technical support services every semester, BenQ’s level of Service will ensure that you get continuous efficient use of the IFP’s for the year to come. Missed a training or got new teachers on board? BenQ is happy to provide on-demand training, online or in person.

Discover ClassroomCare

BenQ helps reshape classroom technology via safeguarding health and interactive tools students and teachers love to use. Dependable and safe, ClassroomCare screens usher a new age in learning.

Looking for advice?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of installing IFPs in your school? Get in touch with us for a free consultation, no strings attached.

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