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1. Does InstaShow™ need an internet connection?

A: No, InstaShow™ ensures a high-quality wireless transfer without having to be connected to the internet. The receiver you receive and the two buttons work independently. You have to connect the receiver to your output device and an InstaShow™ button to your notebook. As soon as the connection is made (approx. 20 seconds), you can start the wireless transfer by pressing once on the button.

2. Does InstaShow™ need software to work?

A: InstaShow™ is a complete wireless HDMI hardware solution which does not require any software to be installed or any drivers and is, therefore, perfect for use within businesses.

3. Why does the InstaShow™ Button need to be connected to the HDMI and USB input?

A: Unlike other wireless end devices, the USB connection from InstaShow™ only serves to provide power to the device. All content and data are transferred over the HDMI port. This not only ensures the highest data security in the business, but also guarantees that the image quality remains the same during the transfer, without compromising or distorting the display.

4. What is the port for PJLink called?

A: Port 4352

5. When I use the LAN function for serial interfaces (RS232), which is the access port?

A: Port 8000

6. Do all BenQ projectors use Crossover RS232 cables?

A: The P95–P97 series use the standard RS232 cable.

7. What do I do if the USB cable for the InstaShow™ Button is too short to connect it to my laptop?

A: Two additional, longer USB cables (15/80 cm) are included in the box.

8. Which HDMI version does the InstaShow™ button use?

A: HDMI 1.4

9. Why are all my commands returning “Invalid format”?


  1. Check whether the command entered is correct.
  2. When the command is entered, the time between two button clicks should be below five seconds.
10. Can I use InstaShow™ without Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, you can use InstaShow™ without Wi-Fi.

11. I purchased my InstaShow™ in the USA. Can I also use it in Europe?

A: No, the Wi-Fi fields in the USA and the EU are different under the law. Please use InstaShow™ in areas with the same Wi-Fi field.

12. Which platforms are supported by InstaShow™?

A: Any device with a HDMI connection, e.g. laptops (Windows, MAC, Chrome), PS4, Blu-Ray player, DVD player, etc.

13. What is the maximum distance between the InstaShow™ Button and InstaShow™ Host?

A: There is a maximum distance of 8 m between the InstaShow™ Button and InstaShow™ Host.

14. Why do I receive the error code 006 when connecting the InstaShow™ Button and the host?

A: Error code 006 means that both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have problems, please contact your local BenQ Call Centre.


1. How do you connect an InstaShow™ Button with the InstaShow™ Host if the InstaShow™ Host is not in reach?

A: This type of connection is often used when the InstaShow™ Host is fitted on the ceiling. It is not easy to press the connection button of the InstaShow™ Host when the device is on the ceiling. You can also connect the InstaShow™ Button and the InstaShow™ Host using web management.

  1. Go into web management and click on “Connect+F23 (connect)”.
  2. Connect the HDMI and USB connections on the InstaShow™ Button with the relevant inputs of a laptop.
  3. When the InstaShow™ Button is successfully connected to the laptop, the LED on the InstaShow™ Button flashes red.
  4. Ensure that the InstaShow™ Host is connected to a power source.
  5. Select “Start connection” in order to connect the InstaShow™ Button. You have two minutes to connect the InstaShow™ Button. Click “End connection” to terminate the connection.
  6. Press the mode button on the side of the InstaShow™ Button for five seconds. The LED on the InstaShow™ Button flashes blue for approximately 10 seconds. The connection will be made. On the screen the message “Connecting” appears.
  7. The LED on the InstaShow™ Button changes to green as soon as the InstaShow™ Button and the InstaShow™ Host have successfully connected.
    For an explanation on web management see Handbook
2. What should I do if I want to use the console?

A: If you use a control panel/console, provide the BenQ RS232 command to the manufacturer of the control panel/console and request that they input the desired BenQ commands in the control panel/console.

3. How do I switch off the InstaShow™ Host if it is not answering?

A: Please activate the “HDMI standby mode”. The InstaShow™ Host can be automatically switched on and off by copying the state of the display device (projector/IFP, etc.) if both are connected with a HDMI cable. The standard setting for “HDMI standby mode” is ON.

4. How do I change the WAN-IP address?

A: Go into web management and click on the WAN button. Here you can see the standard WAN-IP address of the InstaShow™ Host. Select the static IP on the WAN connection type, change the WAN-IP address and click on use.

5. How do I open Web Management on the laptop?


  1. Connect the InstaShow™ Host with a network cable (RJ-45) and a USB A (M) to Micro B (M) cable.
  2. Press the on/off button to turn on the InstaShow™ Host.
  3. The standard IP address of your InstaShow™ Host is Change the IP address of your laptop to 192.168.20.x (e.g.
  4. Enter the IP address in your browser: On the login page, enter the standard username (admin) and the password (0000).
  5. You will be logged in to Web Management.
  6. For a detailed guide see “InstaShow™ Installation Guide” > “Web Management” --> “Log in to Web Management using a laptop”.
6. How do I switch off the InstaShow™ Host?

A: Hold the On/Off button on the InstaShow™ Host for approximately one second.

7. How do I wake the InstaShow™ Host from the HDMI Standby mode?


1. The InstaShow™ Host will automatically wake when the display device is on.
2. Or you can press the On/Off button on the InstaShow™ Host.

8. How do I open Web Management on a smartphone? You can connect to Web Management using a mobile telephone using IEEE 802.11ac (5G Wi-Fi).


  1. Go to settings > Wi-Fi to view the SSID of your InstaShow™ Host: WDC10_02a00C.
  2. Enter the chosen password and click on connect.
  3. You can now follow the steps 4–5 in the FAQ for “How can I open Web Management using a laptop?” to access Web Management.
9. How do I turn on the InstaShow™ Host?

A: Place the InstaShow™ Host close to the display device and connect the HDMI and power cord in order to create the signal connection. In order to provide the InstaShow™ Host with power, select one of the following options.

  1. Use a power cable to provide power. For more information see “Adapter structure” on page 11 of the handbook.
  2. Some BenQ projectors are also fitted with a USB connection of the type A (5 V/1.5 A) to provide power to the InstaShow™ Host. For more information see “Power supply with USB connection type A (5 V/1.5 A)” on page 12 of the Handbook.
  3. For display devices without a USB connection of the type A (5 V/1.5 A) you can find out more information about power supply in the section “Power supply using a network cable” on page 13 of the handbook.
10. How do I configure the audio settings?


  1. Go into Web Management and click on the button for the wireless network.
  2. In the Wi-Fi settings you can set the transmission power between 1 and 6 (6 being the most powerful).
  3. If a channel is unstable you can change the channel by clicking on new scan.
  4. When you have finished with the configuration of the wireless network click on apply to continue.
11. How can I be sure that the InstaShow™ Host is ready?

A: The InstaShow™ Host is ready when the LED is green. Furthermore, the screen “Guide Screen” displays before the InstaShow™ Button is ready. Further information about the Guide Screen can be found in the FAQ “What is the Guide Screen?”.


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