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BenQ InstaShow WDC20

BenQ InstaShow® WDC30

Enterprise-Level Wireless Presentation System
  • WPA3 authentication, Wi-Fi 6 router technology and CC EAL6+
  • Plug & play instant collaboration
  • Smooth video playback
  • Germ-resistant protection

Industry-Leading Security Standards

Intuitive to use, the WDC30 is the only wireless presentation system on the market which complies with finance industry procurement standards and regulations. With InstaShow® WDC30, you will have elevated level of information security and the most protected, intuitive and smooth collaboration experience.

Plug & Play

Just plug & play with no drivers needed. Click the button to project an image directly.

Stringent Network Security

Built-in Wi-Fi 6 router with a router-level chipset, which allows guest users to utilise InstaShow® without connecting to the local area network, for an elevated level of security.

Smooth & Speedy Mirroring

InstaShow® delivers reliable and stable presentations and video streaming, playing high resolution slides and videos smoothly.

Universal Platform Compatibility

Whether you use a laptop, MacBook*, mobile or tablet, it’s convenient to mirror without compatibility issues.

*is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Safeguard Your Information Security

Wi-Fi 6 Networking Standard

Router-Level Chipset Inside

Low-Latency Performance

WPA3 Security Standard

Common Criteria, EAL6 Augmented (EAL6+)

HDCP Adoption

No Barrier to Efficient Collaboration
Stable Screen Mirroring

InstaShow® WDC30 offers stable mirroring quality up to 4K@60fps, allowing smooth presentation for four presenters to share content on one screen (up to two screens supported).

Multi-Device Compatible

It’s convenient to plug it to laptops, mobiles and tablets, be it Windows®, iOS* or Android™ platforms. Present your ideas and collaborate with your teammates (up to 64 persons) to discuss in an efficient way.

Touchback to Manage the Meeting

Hold your audience’s attention via a touch screen without switching back and forth between the display and your laptop.

Clear Signal Only

WDC30 employs CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) mechanism to detect and select the best channel for smooth Wi-Fi performance.

Stable Transmission

WDC30 supports stable wireless transmission up to 30m. Attendees can participate in a smooth meeting, be it in a small meeting space or bigger conference room.

Meeting Flow Management

The host manages the meeting by switching on/off the Mobile Projection hotkey on the InstaShow® host, regulating participants’ traffic flow of content mirroring.

Durable and Stable

Free from any chance of poor contact, certified wires to the button endure at least 12,000 times bending tests, to offer an uninterrupted meeting.

Overall Protection Against Germs

To create a safe and healthy meeting space, the InstaShow® WDC30 button is coated with a nano-ionic silver formula, which kills common germs after contact.

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