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BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 Wireless HDMI Projector

BenQ WDC10 InstaShow® Plug-n-Play

Start full HD presentations wirelessly with the touch of a button!
  • Presentations start at the touch of a button
  • True Plug-n-Play: No software installation or maintenance
  • Switching to video mode by the presenters: Effortless switching between presenting data and video mode with just a button
  • Reliable performance: secure wireless protection, guarantee of all hardware solutions, optimised intelligent adaptation of the resolution
  • High performance compatibility on all platforms: HDMI compatibility, use of content from laptops, Blu-Ray or DVD players or media boxes

Present without cables – BenQ InstaShow® explained simply

BenQ InstaShow® for the WDC10 is a hardware solution and allows multiple presenters to present via every possible input device using Plug-n-Play without the need to install or use drivers. What is more, hardware or system compatibility problems are avoided.
Present with InstaShow™ Wireless HDMI

Present wirelessly: InstaShow® is worth every penny

BenQ InstaShow™ Plug-n-Play
True Plug-n-Play

InstaShow® Plug-n-Play. A simple touch of a button to start full HD presentations wirelessly.

No software installation

Since no software is installed or needs to be updated and no compatibility problems can arise, InstaShow® requires no IT support.

Wireless transmission
Up to 16 people

InstaShow® significantly increases efficiency and the dynamic of collaboration, by offering up to sixteen presenters a simple and intuitive way to present, with no waiting and wasting valuable meeting time.

Connected in five seconds

It is just as simple to connect the send button of InstaShow® to a receiver. For automatic, wireless pairing, simply hold down the pairing key for five seconds on the receiver and repeat the process on the sender. The receiver can even be replaced via a web access point in pairing mode if it is connected with a projector installed on the ceiling or if it is difficult to access for other reasons.

BenQ InstaShow™ Pairing
BenQ InstaShow™ video mode for smooth videos in HDMI
InstaVideo for smooth showing of videos

The exclusive function of video mode optimises the audio-visual setting of InstaShow® and allows the spontaneous switch from presentation mode to the smooth video mode with stereo sound, no IT support of complex software settings. By switching to video mode, videos are transmitted and shown smoothly in high quality. Buffering and freezing are now things of the past.

Wireless HDMI presentation system
With every platform

Users can present using InstaShow® from every device with a normal HDMI input and USB connection. That means a large range of devices such as notebooks, netbooks, Blu-Ray or DVD players and AppleTV is covered. Furthermore, InstaShow® offers exclusively an extended desktop mode on Windows and OS-X allowing for the presentation to be viewed from there.

BenQ InstaShow™ in high definition
Optimised, intelligent adaption of the resolution

Using EDID, InstaShow® configures the settings of the source notebook automatically adapting it to the resolution of the device on which presentation is being shown for an exact pixilation, perfect and clear image quality on projectors, flatscreens, monitors and TVs. InstaShow® users can then concentrate on the meeting and not the resolution settings and do not require IT support to adapt display timings.

BenQ InstaShow™ WPA2 encryption
Advanced data security

The AES 128-bit encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol ensure that the intellectual property of the business remains confidential and safe from manipulation or being shown to others. The safety handshake also ensures seamless, high-quality wireless streaming of presentations. This allows presenters to share confidential information without worrying about security being compromised during the presentation. InstaShow® also supports HDCP to ensure that all content with Digital Rights Management can be shown without delays, error messages or disruptions.

Reliable and stable wireless connection

Our exclusive, automatic Wi-Fi channel selection and the automatic reconnection allows moderators to rely on InstaShow® without worrying about faults or disruptions due to unstable Wi-Fi environments. Fitted with Wi-Fi 802.1 lac for high performance up to 400 Mps, InstaShow® offers seamless, wireless streaming of Full HD 1080p content without delays, even in areas with large data traffic volumes.

Wireless HDMI presentation system BenQ InstaShow™
No software installation
Pairing technology
Intelligent resolution matching
No software installation
Video mode and presentation system mode
Pairing technology
5-second wireless pairing
Intelligent resolution matching
Other wireless presentation systems
No software installation
Presentation system
Pairing technology
30-second pairing via USB cable
Intelligent resolution matching
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