Speaker / Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker / treVolo 2

The World's First Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker | treVolo 2

  • Electrostatic Speaker Technology

  • Dual Woofers and Dual Amplifiers

  • Bluetooth® 4.1 aptX® with Line-out function


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Acoustically Amazing

treVolo, the first Hi-End Bluetooth audio with electrostatic diaphragm technology won many international prizes in 2016 with its extremely pure acoustics.
While maintaining the same form factor, treVolo 2 has evolved to bring more dynamic volume and all-around acoustic clarity. With Bass Evolution and Optimized Acoustics modes, treVolo 2 leads you to a world of mobile audio amazement.

Re-engineered Bass System

treVolo 2 is designed to present a balanced expression in the middle, high and low frequency ranges. It has solid bass performance and volume that demonstrate abundant energy without supplanting the musical theme at higher volume.

5dB Increase Volume

The result is a 5dB increase volume with virtually no bass distortion. Bass performance is firm and tight so you can enjoy a premium experience.

Upgraded Dual Bass Radiator

The improvements come from a new, more powerful neodymium magnets, reinforced cones, and more rigid structure materials. These improvements have been matched with a brand-new dual bass radiator design that was precisely optimized and calibrated for the unique vertical footprint of treVolo 2.

Evolution of The Structural Acoustics

The design team spent considerable time working on the structural acoustics. By studying the “air mechanics” and “shock absorption” properties of materials, engineers were able to ensure better sound diffusion efficiency, bass expression, and balance with the electrostatic mid/tweeter speaker. Unmatchable full-range acoustics for mobile audio is what you can expect.

Optimized Air Mechanics

A thin-frame metal mesh with round openings of higher aperture ratio is used to provide more direct sound transmission and to improve the sound output efficiency by 30%.

Optimized Shock Absorption Design

The round shock absorption pad at the front end lifts the equipment up to a proper angle and reduces the contact area by 98.3% to create a more stereo sound field effect and improve clarity.

The Genius of Electrostatic Technology

treVolo 2 uses the same electrostatic technology that is typically reserved for high-end speaker systems. It was created to reduce harmonic distortion from 10% to less than 1%, representing a tenfold improvement over traditional speakers. The end result is a clean, crisp and beautiful sound. treVolo 2 electrostatic panels have a re-designed grid structure to further reduce the slightest level of vibration, providing a 50% reduction in distortion.

Precision-Tuned Speaker & Quad Amplified Design

A precision-tuned speaker and quad amplifier design ensure precise bass performance while achieving balance and neutrality in the overall performance of mid- and high-range sounds.

Hear Sounds of Details with TrueSound Technology

treVolo 2 speaker features a unique technology called TrueSound, that can help improve sound quality on highly compressed legacy audio files. If the speaker's DSP chip detects the loss of higher frequency data due to a low bit rate recording or high compression levels, TrueSound will improve the detail in the higher ranges of the audio spectrum.

Double the Enjoyment with Duo Mode

treVolo 2 is equipped to support a pairing of two units to offer flexibility to create different musical experiences.

Party Mode

Easy operation with twice the volume to meet the requirements of multi-listeners in a broad space with highly flexible treVolo 2 placement.

Stereo Mode

Create a spacious and highly engaging stereo sound field by properly spacing and placement of two treVolo 2s.