K12 Education - Primary and Secondary

Studies show that, after integrating technology into K12 education, 67% of teachers saw a perceivable increase in test scores and 80% reported their students’ attitude towards subjects also significantly improved. BenQ’s educational technology, including ultra short throw projectors and interactive flat panels, is aimed to cultivate a student-centered K-12 classroom, allowing young students to expand their knowledge via touch-enhanced interactive learning.

Discover how BenQ technologies makes K12 education more interactive

Tap into the dynamic possibilities of primary and secondary school classrooms and build an interactive, inspiring and collaborative learning environment with our Interactive Flat Panels.

Incorporate interactive learning into your classrooms, whether large or small with BenQ’s high-quality, touch-enabled image projected by Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

Display dynamic messages across your school campus including digital menu boards in the canteen, welcome displays in reception and wayfinding maps in school corridors with BenQ's extensive range of 4K Smart Signage Displays.

ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panels
Tap into interactive learning and foster endless possibilities for students
The ultimate solution for healthy learning

When it comes to effective learning, health matters. BenQ's Interactive Flat Panels’ are equipped with HealthCare+ and ClassroomCare technology. Germ resistant and antibacterial screens make sure that only learning is contagious. Air quality sensor monitors PM and CO2 levels. Smart Eye Care technology combines anti-glare, low blue light and flicker free technology to safeguard eye health for teachers and students. This offers students a healthy learning environment and allows them to focus on learning without suffering from eye fatigue or distractions.

Keep your ideas on the same page using multiple boards

Designed for project based learning or online tutoring and collaboration, students and teachers can use two or more ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panels to join the same Cloud Whiteboard to discuss, annotate and collaborate on the same projects in the same or different classrooms.

Interactive Software Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of educational software, BenQ’s interactive flat panels allow teachers to work with their preferred software tools while enjoying the ultimate hardware experience. Our exclusive EZWrite annotation software, with dynamic cooperation and annotation tools, not only enables students and teachers to take colourful notes across multiple media file types, but also instantly enhances class activities. To make annotating with EZWrite even easier, the NFC Pen allows teachers to tap the display’s NFC sensor to start writing immediately or change the writing colour. This helps teachers maintain a smooth teaching flow, free from technical interruptions.

Lower TCO with Robust Reliability and Hassle-free Management

Tap into touch-enhanced learning at minimal cost. BenQ interactive flat panels offer easy, cost-effective installation, and a panel life of up to 30,000 hours ensuring steady performance for years to come. BenQ’s interactive flat panels also integrate Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, allowing IT personnel to manage all displays in real-time via local network.

Digital Signage

Wayfinding, digital menu, and information boards are vital for rapid messaging in academic spaces, improving communication and efficiency across the campus. BenQ offers a digital signage portfolio to cater for educational facilities of all shapes and sizes.

BH2801 - Stretch Display

The unique long-structure of the BH2801 bar-type display is specially designed to encourage signage in areas restricted in space. Crafted with an exquisite 28” stretched screen, the BH2801 can be seamlessly integrated into small and narrow spaces in portrait or landscape orientation.

ST4302 - 4K Smart Signage

Transform your school information boards with with the 43” 4K ST4302. Its built-in Android media player, combined with BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign and DMS software, provides the perfect solution for quick content creation and distribution.

BenQ Education Brochure

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Discover the full range of BenQ technology for education in our education e-brochure. Includes our interactive flat panel, projectors, digital signage and our exclusive software.

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