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ClassroomCare Interactive Displays | BenQ Classroom Technology
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How BenQ’s Interactive Displays can minimize the spread of germs in classrooms
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8 Things to Consider before Purchasing a Wireless Presentation System
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  • Maersk Logistics Embraces Digital Transformation in Their Workplace - Case Study | BenQ Display Solutions

    Danish business conglomerate, Maersk, hoped to upgrade their offices with modern display and presentation solutions to enhance their communications and daily operations. BenQ offered Maersk a wide range of suitable products such as Interactive Flat Panels, Smart Signages, and modern wireless presentation technology to enhance collaborations.

  • Horizon Japan International School Makes BenQ a Central Component of Its New Campus

    Horizon Japan International School was moving to a brand new campus and needed new display equipment. The school’s staff found that BenQ provided an unbeatable combination of quality and price and opted to install dozens of BenQ’s Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays throughout the entire school.

  • Civil Aviation Flight University of China Recruits BenQ for International Flight Simulator Project

    The Civil Aviation Flight University of China wanted to install new flight simulators to better train prospective pilots. They wanted technology that would create an immersive and realistic environment for flight training, and they needed it from a vendor that offered local after-sales support