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benq aqcolor technology to forge color accurate monitors
BenQ AQCOLOR Technology to Forge Color Accurate Monitors

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color accuracy with aqcolor technology from benq

Communicate with accurate colors

Revel in broad coverage of in-demand color spaces with consideration for color temperature, gamma and brightness.


Embrace corner-to-corner uniformity

Count on corner-to-corner color uniformity on your monitor and color consistency in multi-monitor setups.


Color precision from the start

Represents the colors you intend to on a monitor validated by BenQ and third-party units.

BenQ AQCOLOR Technology for Color Precision
benq takes the advantage of its expertise in color management employing multiple tests to select panels with color stability and validity.


BenQ color management experts employ multiple stringent tests to select panels with color stability and validity.

benq utilizes its five elements to calibrate selected panels to reach optimal color performance


Five key components are refined to calibrate selected panels for optimal color performance.

high-precision calibration equipment used in our manufacturing process ensures all monitors meet our exacting standards
Calibrated Precision

Calibration on high-precision equipment during manufacturing ensures our monitors meet exacting standards.

Gamma correction

Gamma correction ensures tonal gradations render smoothly and realistically.

color temperatures are carefully corrected to get an compliant with industry standards
Color temperature adjustment

Color temperatures are carefully corrected for an appropriate, industry-standard color cast.

Color gamut correction

The correct color gamut brings out precise color performance to reproduce authentic hues.

correct color gamut brings out precise color performance to reproduce authentic colors
Uniformity compensation

We fine-tune color and brightness unevenness across the whole screen to achieve corner-to-corner uniformity.

when you receive this monitor it means having passed BenQ’s own stringent tests and obtained the third-party validations for its excellent colors


Every BenQ professional monitor passes stringent tests and earns third-party validations for outstanding performance.

Third-party Validation

BenQ DesignVue monitors earn Calman Verified and Pantone Validated status. Creative professionals demand excellence and BenQ delivers.

Accurate Colors for Creators’ Sake

BenQ empowers creative professionals with AQCOLOR Technology to help inspiration come along and come alive.

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