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Choose Thunderbolt Monitor for MacBook pro

£ 859.99

3840x2160 4K UHD


 USB-C 🗲 (65W)

PD3220U Thunderbolt Monitor for MacBook pro

£ 1019.99

3840x2160 4K UHD


 USB-C 🗲 (85W)

PD3420Q USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro

£ 799.99

3440x1440 Ultrawide QHD


 USB-C 🗲 (85W)

Monitor Made for Mac Devices

BenQ PD designer monitors for Mac all point to the same conclusion, and that’s the importance of consistency, connectivity, and comfort. As a Mac user, you’re assured perfect colour consistency from MacBook Pro® laptop to monitor, with all the connectivity you need, and the superb ergonomics you’re used to.

How to Choose the Right Monitor for Mac Users

Influencer and Media Testimonials


The only reliable alternative to an Apple Studio Display that will save you a ton of money.

Benj Haisch

Side by side, the colour replication they were both very similar.

John Branch IV

If you own a Macbook or a Mac studio, this is a great choice for you.

Art Suwansang
Wedding Photographer

It is created to seamlessly work with any Mac setup that you may have, especial the newer Apple Silicon Mac devices.

Hugo Guerra
Award-winning Director

The PD series from BenQ has a huge colour space flexibility and it is fully compatible with the Mac 'out of the box!'

Nemanja Sekulic
Graphic Designer

This monitor is made for professional video editors, content creators, and much more.

Creative Bloq

PD3220U Reasonably-priced MacBook® Pro monitor for graphic designers.


This is a nice alternative to the LG options.


A Mac-friendly 4K monitor that will also please creative pros on the PC.


I use the BenQ PD3220U and absolutely love it. It has incredible detail and resolution. A Mac-specific color mode for Apple users.

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