Class Activities with Google Slides on BenQ Boards
  • BenQ
  • 2021-11-17

Google Slides is a versatile cloud-based presentation program that you can use to create fun activities for virtually any subject. Below are a few examples you can try with your students.

Group presentations

As its name implies, Google Slides is a great online tool for putting slide presentations together. It is one of the best mediums for group work as it allows your students to create and present their slides together.

You can open a single Google Slides presentation and share it with the whole class, giving each group a slide to work on. While students put together their slides, you can monitor their progress in real time by accessing the presentation either on your laptop or right from the BenQ Board. 

When it’s time for students to present, simply start the slideshow on the interactive display. Groups can easily go up to the screen and start discussing their output without having to open different files each time. With the BenQ Board’s built-in floating tool, students can make notes over slides whenever necessary. Other students are also able to give feedback by making comments on the slides without interrupting the presentations.

Art collages

A fun activity for art class involves making collages using the wide range of features Google Slides offers. Add backgrounds, insert images, and play around with different shapes, all while having students work together to learn new tricks from each other.

Show students how to create collages from scratch with Google Slides on the BenQ Board. Start by inserting backgrounds and images using the built-in Google search engine on Google Slides. For larger classes, you can split students into groups and give each one a separate presentation. If you’re working with a small class, a single deck should be enough if you assign each student their own slide. Changes are saved automatically, meaning students can continue working on their collages from home. When everyone is done, export the collages in whichever file format suits your classroom needs best.

Interactive slides

Presentations on Google Slides are very easy to edit. This makes the platform a teacher favourite when they’re putting together interactive activities for kids to complete either in class or at home.

You can make interactive slides for any subject using Google Slides on your laptop. Add audio buttons, videos, and links to other slides or external websites for maximum student engagement. To have students complete the activity from home, just distribute a copy of the finished presentation to each student. To enjoy the activity in class, pull up the Google Slides presentation on a BenQ Board and let students take turns dragging items into their corresponding spaces. Use annotation to complete activities which require writing.