Webinar with Jovana Rikalo - Photographing Models on Location

Thursday, November 11, 2021 / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CEST / Webinar will be held in English language / Price: Free


Registration links:

FB - https://bit.ly/2XeFFP8

IG - https://bit.ly/3DDQSbw


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Jovana Rikalo will guide you through her process of creating unique art with models and locations. Drawing from her extensive experience, she'll cover the technical aspects of working with models, as well as the creative aspects of evoking emotions and a story.



  • Creating a story and concept
  • Preparing the photoshoot
  • How to connect a model and a location
  • Tips on how to pose models
  • Editing



Jovana Rikalo is a fine art & portrait photographer from Serbia. Using emotions she tells stories through art.

Jovana likes pastel tones, fairytales and the surreal world. She uses her camera to make moments come alive - moments she’s experienced, as well as ones still waiting to happen. Life, people and nature are a source of inspiration for her. She believes emotions are found in making connections between people and nature.

Magic can only happen when we are connected. Jovana’s goal is for others to find themselves in her work, and to show people the worlds she creates. 



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