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The Authentic Cinematic Experience

Delivering 2160p true 4K Ultra HD picture and featuring THX-certified DCI-P3 HDR, the BenQ CinePro series is the ultimate choice for cinema connoisseurs who desire a luxurious film festival experience in their home theaters. Embrace your movies with the BenQ CinePro series.

Serious Detail for Fine Senses

True 4K Ultra HD with CinematicColor. BenQ’s CinePrime series is the out-of-the-box color accurate projector with an individual factory calibration report. For audio-video enthusiasts who want to take in every detail, the CinePrime series is the superior choice for you.

Perfect for Family Movie Night

With BenQ’s CineHome series, you'll always enjoy family movie time together. Designed to create an immersive true 4k visual festival even in small living rooms, the CineHome series is the perfect option for watching movies that the whole family will enjoy.

Only True Colors Convey Deep Feelings

True colors evoke feelings of sorrow, joy, romance and exhilaration by preserving the original images. BenQ Home Cinema Projectors with CinematicColor endeavors to convey the truest color and impart the deepest feelings upon the viewer. CinematicColor reproduces colors just as the director envisioned.

What is Cinematic Color?
Cinematic Color Comparison

*Factory calibration reports included with CinePro and CinePrime series, except X12000, W8000, W3000.
**ISFccc®Certification except for W1090, W1050.