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AI Noise-cancelling microphone for upgraded gameplay

If you are looking for a gaming microphone and find it hard to figure out where to place your standalone mic, then a built-in AI mic perfectly fits your needs.

Getting your AI noise-cancelling mic to work perfectly

Use your BenQ AI mic in a perfect way by knowing how to select AI mic signal, to judge you mic status, to determine mic’s pickup mode, and your mic status.

Finding the Right Projector Brightness for Your Needs

High brightness is NOT the only thing to consider when purchasing a projector. To make the right choice, you need to account for the enviroment & overall setup because not all rooms or spaces are the same…

Gaming Monitor Buying Guide 2021

Presenting a full guide to buying a gaming monitor in 2021 for your PC and consoles. Help is at hand, covering everything from resolution to refresh rate, response time, and panel type.

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